the AM33 crew – Apartment Music 33

Artist: the AM33 crew
Title: Apartment Music 33
Keywords: experimental, electronic. Improvisation, noise, tape collage, Gainesville

Dylan Houser is definitely present at the 33th episode of Hall Mcgee’s legendary Apartment Music operation. Dylan Houser simply rocks the house and has no problem taking on the apartment too, he does this with something that we can easily feel in our bones, blood and meat. I know that might sound as if we are outdoing ourselves paining away in a gym for some personal torment but in the case of Dylan doing its thing in Hal’s apartment it’s of a much more pleasurable kind. Let me try to explain it to you: It’s as if Dylan had hopped on a old synth, brought along a electric drum computer, a whole bucket full of samples and effects to create a damaging warzone of sound that contrary to the negativity that the word ‘warzone’ might imply, sounds really cool in a gruesome way. It’s probably because of the repetition of the music that forms the basis in which Dylan Houser is emerging it’s noises from that it get this cool allure that could best be described as ‘pure sunglasses-in-doors style.’

Also available in the apartment is one of Hal’s favourite apartment musicians named Penny Grune who happily chills us all out with her performance at the comfort zone among obviously good people; everything is relaxed, easy going and without any haste. At her own time she brings in a ambient approved case of rattling drums, while she mostly settles down on an whole array of tranquilizing muscle relaxants. It’s hard to keep the eyes open as her noises seems to inflict such a dream like state that even if she inserts the nasty sound similar of getting scratched by sandpaper it’s not deluding the sleepy mission that my mind makes it to be.

It doesn’t stay in the sleepy zone as Girls On Fire easily sets Hal’s apartment on fire with a interesting set that sets in the communal memories of to the war of Vietnam, bringing pottery back to the barn and gives way to potential nightmares of things that have been happening in real life, haunting veteran’s minds and now reliving it through the experimental sounds and unnerving noises. It’s like poetry, dada, soundscapes of machineries are all working together with a skill of delivering realities within the abstract surrealism. Half way Girls On fire goes for a John Coltrane ‘my favourite things’ inspired version. Which is fun and hilarious and also quite punk along the way. It’s a good opener towards her hit ‘thanks for the feedback’ which will make the eardrums thrill around with an collage of screaming cats, cute bombs and indeed a warm tonal sound of feedback. At the end of her set it becomes like an extravaganza that feels like spike Jones being high on acid.

DJ Hollow Life buzzes the apartment up with something that comes across as a home build electronic instrument that seems to be able to produce the distinctive sound of a high pitch balloon getting emptied and a talkative goose at the same time. It’s also electrifying, so you might bring along your empty batteries and let DJ Hollow Life recharge them as the music does its thing. It is Going for a little bit of an excursion, jumping into mario world, excessive farting, modem sounds, internet age keyboard cats playing keyboards and organic organ bits.

Tomokie’s Cup gives the feeling of an bagpipe player that sits on a very crackly wonky chair that is been miraculously amplified to form some kind of rhythmic industrial instrument that gives the whole set something of a marching band kind of vibe. When I closed my eyes I can see an entire army of kilt wearing Scotsmen running around the hills.

Elsie Shiro comes across as the person that uses the tape recorder to create a cartoonish world in which things like conversations are folded into an odd noise spectacle in which field recordings flourish and more questions are gathered than answered. It’s a lovely long set that seemingly takes us into the life of Elsie Shiro but as presented in an artistic mingling potpourri full of to us random incoherent memories.

Last but certainly not least is the performance by the apartment host Hal McGee, who brings an festive fest of noise and colourful chaos in to a presentation that seems like an successful attempt to keep the noise and silence intertwined, creating a free form flow of kind hearted anarchistic freedom to the event. Hal McGee throws in dadaistic social questioning while throwing in a party of animalistic balloon sounds and monkeying adult noise. In all goodness and it’s philosophical absurdism this is an excellent ending to the 33th version of Apartment Music, one that happened on the 13th of January but is still waiting for you in audio form over here at the following link:

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