Royal Hungarian Noisemakers & Fixateur Externe – Split

Artists: Royal Hungarian Noisemakers & Fixateur Externe
Title: Split
Keywords: ambient contemporary experimental havizaj noise abstract Budapest

The Royal Hungarian Noisemakers & Fixateur Externe are hitting up each other for a rambling case of weird action. They chit chat their unhinged worldy words, bang with the heavy metal doors near a microphone, let things go loopy and mental for a case of outshining the inhabitants of an heavily guarded mental asylum. What can a reviewer say about this ordeal? Perhaps a flat out congratulations? Cause we might just have found ourselves a winning team again! And this winning releasing on the brilliantly named Hungarian label ‘unsigned’! I mean how more brilliant do you wanted it to be?

They out-cuckoo each other like weirdos that are in for it to underline their insanity ratings in order to possible get away with murder. It’s a cute mingling epicentre only to be sorted out by the fine sounding presence of a wise dog. We can see the canine creature wisely on the release it’s front cover but also hear the appraisal of it in experimental music form. It’s probably the sanest piece of music on this split. Slowly walking around with a dedicated slow pace, a sniff of distortion and a spoon full of guardedness. We are all safe with this kind of music around, but maybe post deliverers might be in less fortunate surroundings!

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