Seffi Starshine – Virtual Goddess

Artist: Seffi Starshine
Title: Virtual Goddess
Keywords: electronic alternative vaporwave florida ambient future funk outsider ambient vaporwave Port Richey
Label: DMT Tapes FL

Seffi Starshine latest arrival on DMT tapes is called Virtual Goddess. I know this because I read the first top section of this review in which it clearly tells us all the artist name and the title. What it doesn’t tell us though, but what I will tell you here in writing form is that it’s fantastic. Seffi Starshine even makes the unflattering place like an office become something that feels big and grandiosely serene. I feel that it’s like an enormous steam bath, one that grows bigger and bigger in enormous beautiful fogginess, a mega drone that expands the horizons by becoming larger than anyone could possible expected an drone to be. If it was a flying physical one I would imagine it to be the size as an entire airport. It’s big, enormous and it’s emerging itself in full glorious beautifulness.

The release continues to amaze with a work named CGA Sunrise which rings around in my listening room from the speakers. I don’t know how Seffi Starshine did this, but the warm healing tones that she brings out over here are vibrating as they bounce from and against the walls and the ceiling. It’s a harmonic happening that makes me feel like all is good, a serene glorification of a message that feels like it’s saying ‘it’s all going to be okay’. The perfect atmosphere to sit back in a spa while a masseur of your liking gently scrubs your back and another gives you a manicure. It’s the kind of music that comes across as the friend who says that it’s now time to take care of yourself, relax, do nothing and heal your human identity from the inside out. It’s as if this music is the remedy to hectic life and all it’s ups and downs.

After this it might be the highlight of this release; a stunning work named Virtual Goddess F.A.E. which comes across as a mystical being that is surrounded by beautiful warm colours all dressed up in a glittery outfit full of mystery and guess worthy origins. It will provide the rightful view take your breath away, one full of magic, humbling self healing energy and powerful strength that had come from beyond our normal daily happenings on earth. This is not just the sound of love, it’s one of strength, inspiration and empowerment!

It will be very hard to take over from such an elaborate amazing track, but luckily DOS by Dusk does a great deal of taking the impact and bouncing it back in with a equal amount of humbleness. Things are explicitly warm over here, like soft kisses done by feathered lips that take their time to kiss you all over. But it’s not little kisses, but maybe just one continues lengthy kiss. In any case the track feels like it’s giving us air to breath and the love for us to feel alive and wonderful again. Things all have their own pace over here, but the outcome is providing a new glow of ultimate power and a relaxant at the same time; absolutely breathtaking and yet oxygen proving at the same time!

The last track named Sleepytime for CGA Sprites is a lengthy one that enables you to close your eyes, let the music be trusted and slip into an subconscious state of wellbeing. The music rings around like the ultimate caller for inner calmness, delivering all the right tones and changes at the rightful speed to lose yourself into a dreamland in which Seffi Starshine and the virtual goddesses rule the stunning sceneries. There is nothing to worry about as this music will take care of everything…

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