Apartment Music 34 (secret live reportage)

I’m super excited to inform you that I had successfully transported myself into the apartment of Hal McGee. I had been wearing my invisibility cloak as seen in a Harry Potter thingie and was right on time to catch the happenings for the brand new apartment music episode. Thanks to Hal McGee buying a webcam and the modern day option to easily stream a live show, other luckily people could watch the show from their own safety zone… all wondering where Stanley (the legendary dog of the Hal McGee household) could possible be… I was there on the spot, going around the apartment without getting noticed, seeking the doggy wherever I could, but nope… I heard Hal McGee saying that Stanley was somewhere else so the barking wouldn’t interrupt the performances… it might be good for clarity and Stanley himself, still the recordings wouldn’t be the same without Stanley performing on them..

I couldn’t stay very long as my invisibility cloak would run out of batteries, but I did manage to witness some of the performances. At first there was Girls on Fire. she was seated before a television set that would have a prominent role in all the sets this afternoon. Girls on Fire started with her performance of ‘Dead poets don’t shave their heads’ which was clearly directing highly pitched tones towards my ears, while the human side of the artist was spreading out her words of this fascinating song. After this she started to tell us a story, something written on paper and told with big enforcing weight on every bit of the sentence. It was making me think nostalgic things, all the way back to the time in which kindergarten teachers would read books in front of the class room… how nice was that?

Girls on Fire ended the story with another take on the ‘Dead Poets’ before closing the set with a song featuring the sentences “I’m in a closet and I can’t breath, I can’t move and my kidneys fail, the size of this room feels like jail..” I mean… it was gold! I wouldn’t have missed this afternoon for the slightest bit & stealing this invisible cloak from the Harry Potter museum was bloody well worth it.

After a while someone named Aaron Abrams was next, I have no idea if this is how you write his name but I take the gamble. In any case this artist was doing some excellent manipulative interaction between Hal’s television set and his very own bleep machines. It was highly original, you could hear the signs of awe by the other performers in the apartment… how did he do it? What was going on?might this be a sign of sheer brilliance attending Hal McGee’s living room? Aaron was showcasing short video clips that he mended together with on the spot sounds and music, it became an surreal masterpiece in which audio and visuals would go hand in hand together to achieve great fulfilment in the humorist surreal department.

If the artist created these sounds and improvisations on the spot by seeing these images or that he had semi prepared them wasn’t entirely clear, but the result was like an authentic artistic representation that I would have loved to see broadcasted nonstop on the television. From techno blurbs to flubbering mouth sounds to compliment raindrops it all sounded well thought through and solid. When asked about it he told the mesmerised audience that he had only practiced for ten minutes… howly smokes what a talent!

The reason why I had come here in undercover mode was because I wanted to see and hear Tomokie’s Cup from close up and in real life. I had written a review about this duo and found out that they would be performing live at the apartment music show so I had to go! It was great to see them comfortable enough to remove their fake identities as humans and revealing their true faces! Nobody in the apartment looked stunned so they must have either been under a spell, perhaps thinking it was a costume of some sort or simply had been so open minded that they couldn’t care less.

When the duo performed they brought out a lengthy ambience of strange mating calls into the apartment. The ones that can’t be from animals as found here on earth, but more like something from an alien race far away from it. They spoke in a unknown language within a soundscape of prominent vagueness. In the background was the television broadcasting an important looking slideshow. It was intriguing to say the least although I wasn’t really sure if the absurd mating calls from Tomokie’s Cup had any success attracting other duos of their kind, but it definitely seemed to attract apartment owner Hal McGee, who was clearly touched by it reacting to it by saying that it was absolutely beautiful.

After that there was some kind of a slide show with explanations going on, but unfortunately my invisibility cloak started to flicker and fail.. before my undercover operation was all revealed I had to sneak out into the toilet and than beam myself back to the other side of the planet. The place that I now type this little report for you and will upload this entire piece on the internet from. I did manage to shoot some pictures too (without flash! As other wise I might have gotten noticed) and I hope the rest of the afternoon was as good as the first!

Tomorrow there will be another brand new Apartment Music which you can also attend wether in real life or though facebook live by finding the right links from the Electronic Cottage site:

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