Soul▲Craft – ひどい天使

Artist: Soul▲Craft
Title: ひどい天使
Keywords: experimental ambient dark ambient electronica noise plunderphonic vaporwave Easley

To battle a heatwave I have locked myself up in the release output of Houdini Mansions. There I found the perfect shelter and shade in the form of a brilliant new album. One that twists modernity around the finger of the big boldness of the late eighties and early nineties. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but as long as it looks good in review form I advice us to just take it for what it is.

The music has the gigantic enormousness that begs us to be played out on the biggest speakers available, letting the music spread out like an enormous shadow with tingling epicentres of synth, bass and slow motion vocals. Marrying the days of vaporwave to the times in which there had been no signs of vape-shops around. Yep, cigars and cigarettes had been top notch in those good old days!

The music feels like an moody one that swifts from heavy on the emotional parameters, to one that holds us together as it is dragging our deranged mentalities through any devastated wasteland. With the big beats and melancholic synthesiser galore it all sounds like an event made to unleash on a massive crowd gathered in stadiums filled with like minded black mascara wearing people. But others who skip the mascara eye works are of course also pretty much welcome, besides there is an equal amount of positivism roaming around in these tracks. So a little flashy colour around the eyes might also be welcomed!

It’s all gathering it’s powers to hold you behind the back of your arms and pulling you through the sensations of the hard life, like a heroic warrior that gracefully parades in slowly while seated on a pretty horse. Holding its hand out if you needed it, offers you its own cape if you’d happened to be cold, playing organic music if you’d wished a more beautiful thing to hear than silence.

It’s like the winged messenger that had come down from a magical land of video tape nostalgia and had found much modern knowledge along the way; providing the rightful tones to find its way to live on the hit format ‘the minidisc’. Or even as a digital download; whatever it is that’s the format of your liking it’s all about the grandiosely charming music that steps out with its precious aim to get your soul back into appreciative shapes and forms again!

In any case this album feels weighty and a bringer of light at the same time; carving away your senses like a modern day Enya, while sailing away your fears of potential copyright infringements. This is an album that is doing gods work, pleasuring our senses in order to twirl us back in shape, full of cool confidence and thick musical joy and appreciation. This album is simply one of those earthy pleasures that can’t go wrong in any way, shape and form. It’s heavy because it wants to reconfirm the powers of gravity & music wise it certainly keeps us grounded in a fair safely kept sane & cool place! Heatwave? The music would melt such a phenomena away with great pleasure!

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