Various Artists – Verses Records Sampler Vol. 2

Artists: various
Title: Verses Records Sampler Vol. 2
Keywords: electronic experimental ambient neo-classical various artists various genres Washington
Label: Verses Records

It is common for me to write an elaborate review, peeking into the deepest depths of tracks and analysing them all to absurd proportions. Especially when an album isn’t done by a single artist or a band, but is one of those special ones that the professionals in the music industry call a ‘compilation’. I bet you had never heard of such a thing before, right? Well we are never too old or too young to learn something new everyday.

A compilation is usually an album or simply a release of music from a whole bunch of people. A collection of music by individuals, bands, projects etc all gathered together by probably some lone individual that had taken up the task to put them all in one place. Sometimes they are connected with a good cause, a theme, a conceptual idea, a label presentation; at other times it’s just all over the place.

In any case Compilations are especially the ones in which any responsible professional music reviewer would go into full on Sherlock Holmes mode for. Sniffing it all out, turning every stone upside down in order to gain writeable knowledge & lift up the mood of each compilation participants. As in most compilations the togetherness might easily be dropped of the table, making it one big incoherent collection of troubled individuals that don’t really feel comfortable sitting next to each other, but because of the good exposure simply tolerate their colleges, resulting in adventurers having to deal with multiple wow wtf moments.

But sometimes, in those very rarest occasions a compilation doesn’t have this awkwardness. This hidden distrust among the tracks that look at each other with a certain distrust of jealousy. It’s those compilations that are the ones in which the reviewer can’t write about all the individual works, he or she could, but it would feel disrespectful towards the musicians and the one that brought them together. Why? Simply because this successful compilation feels so much as one, even though every artist is bringing something of themselves to the table, the result is one collection that is truly listenable, one in which they gracefully greet each other, one in which the tracks are proud to be placed together, working as a group to create an amazing listening experience of togetherness with solidarity and respect.

Now you might think, oh come on! Such an compilation doesn’t exist, you are just saying things, making it all up as you go along… but no! The Verses Records Sampler vol. 2 is such a thing. This rarity of a compilation is show casing how ten tracks made by ten different projects can ultimately become together as one. Becoming the listening experience that feels like a real treat, one that you would like to share with your music appreciating friends by simply sneaking in on the background and slowly spiking up the volume. So without poking and sniffing out each and every track I like to give it a general touch and feel, not out of laziness but out of sheer respect that a compilation doesn’t has to be an awkward thing of being all over the place.

With this sampler you could expect a warm pleasant world, one ruled by beautiful tones, like a pleasant touch of someone that you have dear and always have trusted. With Pretty strings that are equally lovely as the more electronic synths usage. A pretty collage of calming low frequency based sweetness to cuddle up under and sometimes secretly trip away with. There is nothing to fear here as the music is here for you to relax en cuddle up with & occasionally shake things up in order to claim the rightful right not to become some background fodder & of course steering away from the potential case of falling into sleep. These individuals won’t allow that, as they will keep you alone and wondering through kind sections that has the ultimate soft kindness that you would wish every child in the world would be able to get from its parental surroundings. Everything is friendly and gently, loving, trippy and works so sweetly together to make you feel oh so good. I wish all compilations where like this, it would make the life of a reviewer and the music loving individual a nicer and happier one.

With joy in my heart I greatly offer you the link to this label sampler, which is a great example of how things should be but mostly aren’t! Yep, music snobbery aside; bow down, click and respect the perfect compilation:

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