Mohrer – Guilt of Man

Artist: Mohrer
Title: Guilt of Man
Keywords: experimental ambient dark ambient noise occult seattle vocal vocal noise London
Label: Dubbed Tapes

The seductive sound of the unknown has coming out from under the gravel. As attractive as it was sounding to my ears I had to go in and check it all out. There I went down into the abyss, one in which I was greeted with golden lights among the shivering shadows, slipping down a road in which digital footsteps had been resonating around in the entire cave-like surroundings.

Not that is was coming across as a vast enormous place, it felt prettily low-key and intimately safe. Once down with the sound, a delicious being appeared, leaning in with a voice that lighted up the atmosphere better than any candle could be able to do, one that echoed through the spaciousness and colourfully bounced off shadows from the walls like a holy blessed version of a smooth ping pong ball that hat been out on a mission. Many words flew out the deeper I went down, they easily got beamed into the subconscious mind while consciously doing its best to make us all feel at home, even in the most bizarrely surroundings.

But are they really that bizarre? I would second guess that and say no, as without a doubt in my mind I believe everyone will be loving this sensation as experienced here, especially when the environment gives us the lovely sound of cracklings dirt that falls down like a soft kind hearted rain. It’s a wonderful sound of warmth that gets sweetly laced up with the finest thinnest vocal happenings that sing around through the kindhearted naturally friendly noise.

We might be shocked hearing that this part of the ritual is called virgin flesh genocide, but when the sounds have fully soaked us in the ultimate relaxing comfort zone it’s clear that even a title like that cannot change our mind thinking that we are sanely safe and pretty much alright down here! Why don’t you pop over?

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