Joyer – Peeled

Artist: Joyer
Title: Peeled
Keywords: alternative boston diy nj rock bedroom bedroom pop emo indie indie pop indie rock indiepop lofi slacker slowcore New Jersey

Apparently this album is in the genre named slowcore. So of course I expected some kind of slow motion vaporwave kind of thing, or perhaps breakcore on a speed that the elderly could keep up with. But hmm things didn’t turn out to be that way as the slowcore of this album wasn’t anything like that, but more like music with a guitar and singing in a lazy day setting. It’s not that ground breaking that the earth would open and you would fall through the floor or something. More like something that you think ah yes, I bet I have heard more slowcore in my life but didn’t really know how to name it.

But there you have it, we have a title for a genre in which a person sings in a slow speed and plays guitar on a similar tempo. Nice for a relaxed day of not doing anything. No minds will explode or implode, but they just stay in the same condition that they had previously been & you know what? I’m quite alright with that. When music makes minds explode it’s always a lot to clean up and also plenty of plasters and glue to get it all back in order; no, listening to this slowcore isn’t so much hard work now or after!

Friendly songs that plunge into playfulness but all in that tempo that feels as if you have found a timeless spot in this dimension. There is plenty of room to spread a littler sparkle of kind heartedness , some additional vocals in the back singing like a flattering bird, a few very cute sounding melodic surprises as heard in ‘here’, but in general I must say you have to be in the mood for the slowcor music as provided. I mean it helps if you are a laid back person, or perhaps have taken a shot of heroin or something.. never took it, but from what I’ve heard / can imagine… haha I don’t know, but half way the album I felt like importing the songs in a free audio program and speeding the tracks up to 200 percent. Not that I don’t enjoy the music, its very nice as it is, it’s just not comparable with my quick mood that wants everything now, quickly, fast and hyper!

Perhaps the day that slowcor would rule my world will come one day, or maybe it will be in another life time when I’ll be ruling the world as a music loving snail. But for now I listen and hear the big banging drums performing in the slow tempo and think ‘yeah’ I can’t wait to be that snail and enjoy this album as it is intended! With the right mindset, the pleasant time in body and soul and (hopefully) the right ears to hear it all.. I mean do snails have ears? … or are they perhaps so evolved that they could pick the music up with their feelers? In any case I did manage to listen to the whole release so time did pass by quicker than expected, plus the music is all rather nice and lovely; it’s just that it’s pretty slow. If that’s what you are into than please be free to click it slowly and check it out:

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2 Responses to Joyer – Peeled

  1. hey says:

    good album i like it

  2. me!!!!!! says:

    I love this album yes!

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