Artist: The Psychic Tunnel
Keywords: pop experimental pop glitch k2 pop mania pop noise pop pcp pop psychic pop synth punk United Kingdom
Label: Plateau/Garden

Are you ready for some amazing interesting stuff? Seek no further! Oh but first… some chit chat:

Talking about good albums is a hobby of mine. I could chat and chat, talk about nothing just telling for hours how great and how good an album is. Since I had been writing on yeah I know it sucks talking had been entirely replaced by writing. Not that I’m good at it, but you know it’s better for social contacts around me; they can enjoy me as I’m in a nonstop phase of silence while typing away here with my tongue out, pouting pure loads of enthusiasm in post after posts.

Now too much goodness and too much enthusiasm might be a killer of trustworthiness, but let me tell you; I’ll always pen up the truth! Or at least hoe I perceive it in my humble opinion. Now you might think; who are you? You are no Simon cowell? No big pig in the music industry, no washed out cigar smoking fatty in a Hollywood studio.. and they are right; I’m me and I’m absolutely crazy. Super honest and you know what? I’m super enthusiast about this mega album by The psychic Tunnel!! In fact I’m stocked about it!

No.. stoked might not be the right word for this one… ah yes.. let’s see… oh yes: psyched! I’m psyched by this The Psychic Tunnel! And pretty much want to hang around your leg, or grab you by the ear (mind you: all in a adorable and friendly way!) and pull you towards this tunnel as geez… you got to hear this Louise! Or Bert, Tom, Elsa, Linda, Hassan or whatever your name is that reads this… it’s for you! A mega album that contains every bit of entertainment that you will need to spend time with. And than probably some more & than some more…

it’s hard to describe why exactly as it’s one big adventure, but they are all chopped into many mini adventures & among those ones are many that dive into poppy tones that are absolutely cool and quite catchy, yet unlike anything you probably had heard before. Think Of an alien band that aimed to make pop music for us earthling and succeeding, yet they didn’t emulate earth habits and styles but kept their alien culture and integrated it in a way of music making that we could understand & yet feel slightly alienated by!

It’s a great trip that is utterly proceeding to feed the listener with futuristic happenings with a poppy twist. Vocals that are weirdly weird and yet honestly thrilling as they try to grab a human form, rocking out with eclectic eccentrics that are to the point and yet excitingly going all over the place, never providing a second of boredom and yet not aiming to tiring anyone out as well; if anything it’s a cool blistering mix of energy, entertainment, information and creativity that feels like one cyber nation that had come to earth to become a rocking pop star as the ideal undercover cover!

The alien almost got it at certain times, to come across as perfectly human, but at biggest moments of the adventure the camouflage isn’t working and the intelligent unknown life form shows it’s true forms! Which is utterly exciting, even more so than watching grainy pictures of the Roswell incident, UFO sightings and YouTube documentaries about the aliens walking among us! Entering the psychic tunnel is 20 tracks of amazing entertainment that will inspire some new conspiracy theories soon enough! It’s great and deserves me going berserk in enthusiasm! Who needs to talk when you could hear such amazing material with your own ears? Freaking hell, what are you waiting for? Listen to this alien producer named A. Clooney and it’s amazing album! It is entertaining, should be studied by students and secret real life X-files agents alike & of course be loved by adventurous music lover like you and me! Go listen or be a fool for not doing so!

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