Various Trios – Three Way Dance ~ Second Wave

Artist: V/T: Various Trios

Title: Three Way Dance ~ Second Wave

Keywords: experimental noise rock improvised music Toronto

It takes three to dance and four to tango.. or was it something along the line that two was fun and three a crowd? Or was it perhaps something else? I can’t remember and it also just doesn’t matter! As with this brand new compilation we can forget the rules about the trios and splash in a whole new saying of some sort.

In any case this compilation might seemingly not have much rules, it does have one thing that has three people working together as one. Or perhaps not as one exactly, but all three of them are working together on one piece of music. How they did it? I haven’t the slightest idea and also do not really care; I’m all about the output and that’s pretty much amazing from the start.

It begins with Claire Furchick / Wilfried Hanrath / Constantin Blu – Symbolisms of Antistatics who have earned every right with their collaboration to be the opener of this compilation. Their togetherness is indeed filled with individual sound artefacts clearly related to each character contributing to the righteous cause of making a good show pony that three people can function as a team. The work that they created hanged around in mystery as well as some funkiness in wet bassy synthform. All of it becomes a solid reason for a delivery of some kind of dance style that has yet to be invented. Something with slow movements like a Falun Gong and a odd little sidewalk by some experimental dancer who might or might not be of its tits.

The other trio consisting out of SL Telles / Glenn Sogge / A.H. Fork also seemed to have gone on the mysterious path of sound. One that as a dance feels like something inspired by a sad tiptoeing ballerina whose dressed as a ghost and a slippery snake all at the same time, i can easily imagine the dance being performed while crawling over an old authentic wooden floor.

The third glance of a collaboration is also the shortest one. I think that this would suit dancing while sliding through curious petite ways. it’s a bit mushy sounding, making me think of a situation in which we are out in the city streets in the night, somewhere after rain and in the shadows of some trash collectors. Not that the creators Nora Mulder / Lezet / Pendro are trash collectors, but if they had been I bet they would take good use of the sounds that their job consists off!

The fourth threesome by GordonWay / Ben Presto / VaderOne2Nine also made an relaxed appearance, with pretty dense layers of sound, sweet accentuating percussion and a gibberish dada voice giving it all a human touch and feel. It’s so nice not to hear the three artists fight among each other , no fussing about and just make something that everybody seems to like and enjoy; congratulations to you all!

The one up next by Erik Culp / Federico Bixert / Otto Dix (muse) had a more a avant-garde kind of feel predominantly brought in by the cymbals at the beginning. The sound that flows through them is thick and moving like a heavy car that won’t get stuck in the sand. It gets a little harsher around the edges but get it nicely sorted out with some friendly bits of crystal clear clarity. If I had to do a dance on this one I would do it while laying down in a fetid position.

The last work done by Wilfried Hanrath, / NMTArts / {AN} EeL has the shocking introduction of an actual electronic beat familiar to what most people like to dance upon. It’s still pretty laid back and chilled out. It features also a calm but sturdy bass that seems to be playfully played to make everything move. An collection of sampled sounds is also thrown in, giving it a momentum of intelligence mixed with humorists absurdism; a thing we like to shake our booties with over here!

All in all enough reasons to say that three isn’t a crowd, not a reason to commit murder; but that three people could actually function as one big awesome one! Also enough material to go overboard in inventing new dances, so please do check it out:

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