Various Artists – This Machine Confuses Fascists: An ACLU Benefit Compilation

Artists: various
Title: This Machine Confuses Fascists: An ACLU Benefit Compilation
Label: Prosthion Recordings

This machine confuses fascists is a collection of music by artists from all walks of life, they all had come together to not only go for confusion, but they also wanted to join the forces of good by making their music available to benefit the organisation called ACLU. Its the one legal organisation that is working hard to protect the rights of the people who need it, not afraid to sue entire states and providing legal protection and help for all that needs it. I probably said it all wrong, but they do so many stuff that it will be hard for me to puff it up in one go.. you can google!

The compilation starts with a very intreiguing work by underground legend Alan Morse Davies. I heard this opener many times and yet still feel severely confused about it, so title wise this might simply be the perfect opener for this compilation. It is fairly relaxed, with a voice welcoming us all in while at the same time getting nicely manipulated to create a deranged world of pleasant weirdness. One that we can sink in for many times and yet keep on wondering what it is that we feel and love to hear…

Also the legendary Wings Of An Angel appears to have flown in to make an wonderful appearance on the compilation. You can always count on these wings to bring peaceful ambient galore towards wherever they will fly. It helps soothing out the confusion for a bit, giving enough space to chill out in pretty colours of kind audio. Is this heaven? … no, just getting confused again and I’m not even a fascist!

We are straight back in and immediately awake when Twilight Fields pops up for a song named Demagogue. It’s a fitting song for the benefit compilation, one that feels as if it’s written from it. A heartfelt passionate song that feels like a mini rebellion on its own, brought with music that sounds fresh and quite unique. Delivering guitar strings with synths and a friendly voice in a compact way to convey its message.

Kerry JK brought a cool song to the confusion, making all who attended this state of music think for themselves by asking question within in its lyrics, actually really hitting all the right spot to what I believe this compilation is all about. About people, respecting each other and being aware of the crazy things that is social unjustice. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated. And while you are at it accept each other’s differences and find Glory in learning from everyone. Sunlight in the heart of the machine has the positive message and that feels super alright!

Luct Melod hits the darker spot of the optic nerves with a electrifying industrial pop that is bubbling in the outer regions of the unforgiving underground, empowering everyone with a stale robotic energy that they might need for possible action.

Phantoms vs Fire brings a surreal beauty to the mix, making me feel as if it teleported my mind towards a loving zone in which melodies had replaced actual angels and music had been equal to love. It’s a pretty work that makes one feel beautiful and touched in a wonderfully moving way.

Sawak brings the chilled out zone of music that will bring peace to the farmers fields and let the psychotic people shout kindly in the realm of cowbells and chirping crickets in a green field. Musically it’s super dense, stereo and beautifully orchestrated. A voice puts the mirror back to the insanity that is mankind, but in general it’s a loving happening.

For a dense drone we can count on the wonderful track done by Cyparissus, it’s called ‘lead feather’ and comes across as an eleven minute moment to look at one self, reflect, meditate and float in the warmed ambient zone that covers reality like woollen blankets at bed time.

Hal Lambert / Mitchel Mobley teamed up together to bring a curious work that would seriously confuse even the biggest art house fan, so fascists probably will be having their heads all wrapped up in a deep frown.. However all experimental and avant-grade sound freaks will be happy to dive into this untitled track as it is severely warm, hypnotic and actually quite beautiful. It’s like a treated collage of sound recordings that might or might not be recognisable, yet completely given new purpose as incredible instruments. Wow!

Talking about sound recordings functioning as instruments; David Randall Howle II brought some into his excellent sounding contribution to this remarkable collection of music. Some water bits and wind team up with an excellent groove and a laid back, but cool sounding loopy guitar bit. A little noise at the end to top it off and true orgasms could be reached!

After this it’s time for a family member of mine. It’s such a close relative that I feel like it would be very wrong and entirely awkward to talk about it. But let’s say; well done Toxic Chicken and glad to see you hear among all those great musicians!

Belly Full of Stars brings the sound of sweetness to the ears, something that comes across as petite little bits of innocence that have come together to make themselves known as the the delightful bringers of love and cuteness.

The Modern Folk brought some kind of music to the compilation that felt as if we had been in the desert, somewhere in the undergoing son while enjoying a cold beverage and feeling all nice and well. With beautifully played cello and guitar it feels like it’s the kind of music that would fit well with a positive country and western moment of a happy ending.

Perfectly fitting is the track by Lucas Van Lenten that is named Pocketful of Blackbirds, it has a very youthful vibe, something full of innocence and love that feels similar to the one that parents have for their children. The sound is lovely, with inviting handclaps and a melon melody that is lovely and laid back in all its friendliness. A fat caring bass and sweet artefacts to compliment the warm vocals that together feels like a receipt for all that is wonderful and cheerfully sunny.

One of my personal favourite electronic artists out there named Jessica Grant is also here to fill up the mechanics of this machine. This artist brings the positive vibes to ultimate climax, with a tight robotic beat and smooth synthesiser works she rules the show with a voice that feels full of feel goodness and hope that comes clearly from the heart! It’s a pop hit that will go in like candy; so tasty and so worth to play and hear on repeat!

The Blank Holidays also went for the innocent child like sound. One that makes you think that this benefit is of course for people in need for it now, but also for the children of today who would be the future of tomorrow. Apparently the child within this recording is a happy sounding Leo, who seems to be in his element, singing while being glitchy with a gentle played guitar.

Robert Traxler comes with a musical manifesto supporting aborting rights and if you didn’t agree with what Robert is saying over here you would better change your mind, stop drinking the fluoride and listen up! Because the good artist goes for a salvo of pleasant weirdness that can be described as jolly noises that you don’t really want to have turned against you!

For a lovely smooth sensation and a moment of rest it’s cool to have a listen to The Ambient Eye‘s track. Which is a moment of pure beauty, making you feel as if you float among the clouds in the sky with a belly full of potential rain, yet flying high enough not to be able to fall into pieces.

Saul Bleæck brings in some darkness to balance out the bright floaty feel that the previous work had delivered. This comes in a track form in which a big sounding programmed beat shimmers in the grounded sounding sound, gruelling around like a last night on earth, the striking tune of something that seems to relate to the lurking end of the world. With dramatic tones of a howling guitar deeply tucked in the hardness of it all, clearly creeping up to the listeners by letting them know that this compilation is no joke but serious business.

Pizz Buinn brings an original sounding rhythmic electric endeavour to the compilation, it is called The March of the Dalit Women and feels quite joyous in its colourful minimalism.

Also the track by C. Moody Crews named Leaflets, For Kathleen is in minimalistic form, but here are no rhythmic clicks or clacks that rule the audio output, but an wonderful warm work that feels very relaxed and prettily kind to the ears and mind. This is the kind of ambient music that will make you feel all wonderful and good.

For experimental stereo amazement there is Evan X. Merz and a track named ‘ants’, buzzing the left as well as the the right ear with a exciting amount of well directed audio snippets. Creating a collage that is as art as audio art could be.

Rick Carlton Hart floods the compilation with a great middle point of attention. A song named What The Duck Is That Typo which feels funky and surprising in its seemingly spontaneous vibe and feel.

Rabbit On The Run by nystada is a cool electric track that feels slightly Asian, robotic and seems to work as the mechanic of the machinery that keeps the sound fresh, groovy and slightly cuckoo.

But not as cuckoo and big banging as the amazing tune as created by nobody less than the never disappointing artist Elizabeth Joan Kelly; freaking hell, she hitting brilliance again over here, with a full on stereo mindf*ck, wicked beat weirdness, a work of amazeballs quality that feels like it is on a next level while still having that trademark of humanity to it; don’t want to be an ass licking licker but this is absolutely brilliant.

Acef Stripe brings in a track titled ‘Washing Their Dreams Away’. I don’t know who the their is referring too, but when hearing the track I think that it’s aliens.. it’s probably the dreams of fascists in order to keep in line with the compilation antics, but hearing it it feels as it’s aliens that are being washed out. The music is thick and dense, very psychedelic in a somehow relaxing psychotic way. It has a drum to keep everything swinging in togetherness as the washing is taking place.. but it’s the glorious audio progression that steals the show over here!

For a time to chill there is Ryan Scott Mattingly, bringing lovely notes of guitar and piano keys to the ears. It’s a very kind hearted happening, even getting the dusty crackles in for the right vinyl vibe in order to add that extra bonus warmth.

As if by miracle one of our favourite underground producers Xqui comes in. Xqui delivers a track named Nimbus that seems to elevate our heads in up and down ways, as if we had been feathery light and Xqui had managed to control gravity, spiralling us away within the music as if we had just been tiny particles within the enormous universe!

Screamershock‘s Calling the Sirens is up next, bringing the gorgeous synth pads to our ears, spicing it up with all the right things that electronica heads will go mental for; a steady chilled out dance tune in a pace that speaks peace in every way. With an opera voice plunged in and a nice glitchy production for playfulness, a baseline that is moving and fat, this could only be greeted with the respect of an admirer! Perfection will not only confuse fascists it will also blow happily the minds of everyone into modern music. The sirens clearly heard their calling and anyone listening to this compilation should be very happy!

This feeling of happiness continues while Jack Alberson comes in with a tune named Sun Minted Overhaul, which is feeling very short & that might have to do with that it’s making you feel hungry for more! A happy quirky tune of fun happy sounds in a slight compactness: we need more of Jack Alberson for sure after this one!

Another Dead Weirdo comes to confuse even the not easily confused. This Another Dead Weirdo does this with a song that is titled ‘3D Printed Handbasket to Hell’ and I think with a title like that you must know that this weirdness is actually very much alive. It’s sounding like a paranoid cuckoo escapade in which conspiracy theories and panic can be felt while at the same time rocking out in a piss taking rocking mood! This is an anthem for concerned people, the crazies of the nowadays and the looneys of the future! Isn’t it fantastic?

After this it’s time to speed up and perhaps even go into a crazy dancing frenzy as why not? It might just even be helpful to even add to the confusion! This is the moment in which ‘forescreen‘ takes the spotlight with a high tempo based bass and beat thriller, highlighting whatever it is that the machine was build for thanks to a prominent voice that swiped the whole bit into a energetic sensation.

To take over after such a kicker of a track isn’t easy, but Bruiser‘s The Weird and the Eerie does an excellent job at it. Not by going for the obvious of some kind of drum and bass takeover, but by providing a colourful sensation full of intelligent sounding sparkles, petite little wonders that are all working together for a loveable sensation of wonderful music. It’s like reaching Valhalla and being very happy about it!

An odd ball on the compilation is always an delighted happening and thanks to Shine Squad joining the enormous classy compilation also this dream comes true! With the tune ‘National Supply’ Shice Squad is rocking out like a cartoon character that flips the middle finger to the narco police! Why not? It is confusing and seems rightfully the right rock and roll thing to do!

All the way at the end we have the initiator of this remarkable compilation.. it’s Ihcilon with the experimental track ‘I Enjoy Our Little Chats’. It’s filled with chats all dressed to form a comfortable ambient dressage that made me think of all the little chats that must have been made setting this benefit comp up in the first place. Are these all these little chats coming back as a recycled master piece to float away to bring pleasure to all the satisfied listeners that gladly bought this album and made it all the way to the end? In any case to me it felt like a look behind the scenes and a work that reveals a wink to all the hard work that had gone into this compiling and sorting out all these remarkable contributions! Go and get a copy and get rewarded with excellent music and a feeling of doing the right thing! Benefits for all! Check it out:

… While I was enjoying all these tracks on this compilation a secret surprise doomed up; a quality tune showed itself as I refreshed the bandcamp page.. what a lovely present, coming with the lush duo friendly vibes that feels like good & positive times have arrived. We have reached our destination and now we can swing happily around in our hammocks while humming away on this lovely bonus ending by Suko & moduS.. great fun!

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