Gabbi Fusco – have you tried going for a walk

artist: Gabbi Fusco
title: have you tried going for a walk?
keywords: experimental, Perth
label: Dog Park

Feeling a little weird? Trapped inside? Snorting dust all day behind a desk? Having a little anxiousness going on? A little frustration with the locked up environment?

Have you tried going for a walk?

Maybe you could bring the latest release on the dog park netlabel with you as this will not just be enhancing this walk with fresh sweetness, calm glowing sounds and pretty experimentalism with a friendly helping hand in vocal form, it will also delightfully point you towards all the beautiful things that life has to offer. Mainly itself but next to that also gives you the pleasant reason to break through the walls of life, helps to shake off the shackles of business as usual and let you easily stroll behind the curtains of the matrix and feel the sand, grass, stones underneath your bare feet, embrace the calm wind of fresh air in your face and the true excitement of going wherever your nose will bring you.

Have you tried going for a walk while following your nose?

In the case of music this will be a wonderful world dominated by fresh noises that scribble around while Gabbi Fusco delightfully brighten up your journey with lush singing, vocal experiments that howls bright and clearly in your ears for a beautiful glitchy look beyond the masks of music. This artist’s expression swoons you in through warm tones, happily exposes pleasant sounds in a very sweet intimate vibe that would gladly accompany you on your trip in the inside or outside worlds…

Have you ever tried going for such a walk?

Just do it, go for such an escape even if you might not even thought there was one. Your breathe might be exhilarated, but it’s the soul’s refreshing pleasure that counts like a happy recipient the most. Gabbi Fusco takes us on a personal sounding journey in which she soulfully showcases the road to freedom, runs around with us while pushing us in the back towards the right direction… enough reason to let out heartbeat rise up as she sings for us a vocal ‘help me’ at some point, clearly pointing out that she is not just here to be the bringer of enlightenment and pointers of exit signs, she is also a human just like you and me..

…its not just only us sound consumers that might have become a little bit lost along the way & in need for some fresh air, making Gabbi’s sounds even more loved and dear to our hearts, as she clearly can use some time to also go for her own medicine; a nice walk outside with us other soulful souls that are discovering life and reclaiming a fresh amount of freedom once again. It’s taste is pretty sweet!

Are you ready now to go for this special walk? Click this link and follow the road:

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1 Response to Gabbi Fusco – have you tried going for a walk

  1. unique vibe – really love the vocal work!

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