Various Artists – Spring 2019

artist: various
title: Spring 2019
keywords: experimental ambient indie noise pop noise rock post rock Boston
label: I Heart Noise

Gigantic and massive compilations are always a hard to swallow thing, especially for people who want to hear things from start to finish and have an limited amount of time to do this in. In most cases these compilations pass by our door until they are out of sight. But with this spring sampler compiled by IheartNoise it would be like shooting in your own foot if you wouldn’t peek your head fully in, made some exclusive time for it all and indeed enjoy the entire lengthy bunch of musical togetherness.

We could probably do a massive introduction over here, but let’s keep things to the point and just chit and chat about the actual music that is featured on it. Are you ready? Good! Here we go:

Julian Wa – Bloom

This must have been the perfect opener for spring and for a spring orientated compilation like this. It got all that I would expect a spring time tune would have to be named that way. Lovely sweet sounds, the ones that makes you want to move your head from one side to another. It has the sweet guitar strumming sounds and prettiest warm vocals that simply make you think of flowers blossoming and little happy bees going from one to another in order to happily gain some nectar. In fact in ‘bloom’ there seems to be two ‘flowers’ captured as it feels like two songs in one. Which is quite remarkable if you look at the time frame in which this is all happening.

Petridisch – But I’m Not

I believe Petridisch is one of the projects out there that is been loved by many people out there in the underground. It’s the kind of music that must be doing something really right to be able to conquer so many critical hearts and turn them into loyal fans. The track over here feels like a morning gloom that shines all over the landscape as if it’s coming out of the local church organ played by an organist that clearly had its mind in a surreal state, perfect for improvisation and the channeling of the feels.

Beauty Pill – Cherry Blossom Symphonette

This track does honor both its title and its artist name in all its possible facets; with warm kindness and wonderful synthesized strings full of emotion and bursting full of love it parades by like a friendly blessing that comes straight from mother nature .

Corey J. Brewer – World Without Pizza / Sad Salad

Corey J. brewer goes more into the darker corners of sound design, but does it in a calm and sturdy way. Especially when the bass and sub basses are wobbling in we get a sense of strong strength about it. Making me think that this is an artist who takes pizza as a very serious business.

Temple ov Saturn – Last Stand at Ankh Sanctuary

This work is slowly emerging, growing bigger and brighter like a field of flowers that are opening up in the early morning rays of a bright spring day. It’s height psychedelic and feels like the ideal soundtrack for when you are entering a field day with special magical mushrooms swimming in your stomach. It’s slowly getting its grip around you to bring you through an ambient rhythmic session into some other pleasant dimension.

Tyson J. Swindell – I Think We’re Going to be Friends

A very friendly melodic happening that honors its title to the best of its abilities. A work full of reasons to begin friendships with this musician’s music as it’s truly charming and lovely.

Nice Breeze – actress

A nice raw punk attitude that kicks clouds butt, blows away any potential rain or any other bad weather circumstances with the power of music. Electric guitars are beaming out rays of love that will clear the sky & make it the purest one that the sun could shine through. Bright punk music is setting in the good cause!

The Mystery – The King and the Pawn

This tune is utterly great, with a tiptoeing Melodie that feels repetitive enough to get your mind in a surreal trippy realm & sweet accentuation that feel playful and lovable and a very fitting pleasant voice that hits everything to become the right atmosphere for lovely hippies to go happily berserk on.

William Wright – I Keep On Killing Mosquitoes

This one shimmers away in the darker shadows, dresses up as a fragile drone collage that will feed a certain holiness with angelic tones and voice like appearances. Mostly deep and dark hovering kindly in the lower zones of bass.

Void Vertex – Tell Me What To Think

Super cool, drum n bass, groovy nastiness that would fool folks like yours truly to the London Underground to dance from one morning into the next, go berserk on stimulants and hang around in clubs that host party people that have become one with the music. Who doesn’t love or feel this tune? It’s wicked!

Eyelids – 23 (years)

Eyelids will make your eyes light up! With the song you feel happily rocked out as if they had implanted secrets from the inner circle of the Beatles and have inserted them in their rock and roll veins. They execute it with a grand style that aims for the sun, hits the tambourine like a band full confidence, living in the moment with harmonic vocals that are bright and strong. Can’t complain!

Jack Alberson – Dark Passenger (Ugly Mix)

Jack puts on the electric boots for an electrifying dosage of tight industrial pop. It got everything to catch bats with your bare teeth and dress up like a true goth for an exclusive party. With fun and lush synth darkness, hard kicks to dance on & a voice preparing the ‘dark passenger’ for a case of dementia is sounding like the ultimate alternative club hit on this compilation.

Xqui (feat. lark) – Heartfelt

Xqui and Lark brought in a excellent audio sensation that my ears recognized from the Heart EP. It got the heartbeat beating all in your throat, deeply tucked away for a dense and interesting sensation. You can read more about this and the other tracks over here

Duck – You’d Better Run

Wow! This Duck is pretty special, mixing electronic abracadabra with heavy guitar rock and strong vocals; it’s something I’ve never heard off and gets very heavy on the bass, yet makes you feel like flying at the same time. It’s the ideal crossover perfectly catering to get a crowd dancing in a underground club while also entertaining the chill out corner too with it’s pretty accentuating melodies and very amazing singing! It’s a bulge of pure original energy and I’m flabbergasted that it is delivered here by a duck! Totally unexpected but highly bright and entertaining! What a great discovery!

The Cherry Wave – Pure Burst

With a similar loudness but opting for a more fuzzy sound as the duck predecessor, The Cherry Wave takes over with a sunny outburst that features a pleasant warm glow, mellow beauty with vocals that fly over thee audio waves like surfers on a perfect day in Spring!

Trium Circulorum – Magic Filter

This magic filter is a banger, going straight for the dance-able vibes with a high psychedelic twist to help everyone that accidentally swallowed up some LSD into the banging rave land of tomorrow! Highly futuristic but with the patience of a monastery the delivery of unforgiving techno is given to get you all nicely sweaty and hot!

Andrew Anderson – King of Flesh

From a complete different order comes this seven minute audio collage that moves around in the darker sides of easy listening material. It whispers in both ears, optimizing stereo effects and praying on your relaxing habits to come out in full force.

Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Voyeur

Always impressive wherever the work of this artist pops up, Voyeur doesn’t go under the reader unnoticed as well. A full on deranged feeling of music that is dense and all over the colorful audio spectrum. Beautifully designed, moving, innovating and scarily surreal like a short story of uncomfortable creepiness in which Elizabeth goes into the mind of a voyeur and channels the findings through excellent music.

Solilians – Lamedvavniks

This artist brings an 8 minute smoothy to this giant compilation. One that feels like a shimmering journey into oneself taking the time to relax and go for a yoga session, maybe some meditation along the side. With saucy vocals that blend in easy through the alleyways of the synth pads that fills this story up until they meet up a beat and heady strokes of a guitar towards the final end.

Mercy Choir – Friendly Fire

A friendly fire is always handy, perfect to brown your marshmallows on or stick your raw sausages in. But in the case of the friendly fire by Mercy Choir we get served a complete different friendly fire; it’s a song with music. Some lovable one, very charming especially when you are named Gloria. With subtle bass and heartfelt expression the song burns with sentimental love within it. Very sweet!

boycalledcrow – butterfly

one of the artists that also roams around happily on the non profit but always quality underground label Wormhole World ‘boycalledcrow’ has also brought a lovely work of music to this compilation. One in which the producer showcases the art of electronic music making with emotion & feel good moving vibes for pleasant times. It sounds like it’s going somewhere, traveling music that brings the listeners to a good place, one in which happiness and feel goodness can be plucked in the skyline and spring time rules the earthly grounds!

Burial Grid – Your Father is Dead

talking about delicious electronica, ‘Burial Grid’ brings one of these tracks that are weighty, rich and highly emphatic. You can hear the seriousness dripping out of it, as if its the music you would expect to hear when offically stepping inside a royal household of a fantasy queen or kingdom. It’s grotesque and wonderfully filled up with synthesizer gallore that speaks to the imagination in a posh & official yet uncanny fun way.

Cat Temper – Purranoid

The producer that has been responsible for making many albums with toy pianos as Twink has now embraced the fully new glowing cat superstar persona of Cat Temper. You can hear that this has been a perfect choice, blowing completely new life into the artist’s mind, pulling off super cool and fresh sounding synth tunes that go easy in the ear, flow into the veins and have the power to even make old bones move for a rocking out frenzy. With Purranoid, Cat Temper shows an extra coolness to it all, proceeds to give the flamboyantly fun music to wear sunglasses for and throw metal signs with your fingers up in the air; purrrrtastic!

Whirling Hall of Knives – Lab Emissions

More electronic music comes out of the hands of Whirling Hall of Knives. Not sure if those have actual hands, or if its a producer that has something in common with Edward Scissorhands.. in any case the music provided over here is dense, slowly coming at you as it sinks itself in. A repetitive melodic wall that seems to build itself up from the inside out, getting larger and intenser while still slumbering around in it’s own musical stomach. You would expect any moment an ginormous beat to drop, but that will never come, leaving us all hang in a trance of full anticipation.

Airstrip 101 – Zero Time Now Boarding

This track is something special, brewing around in itself like a scent of ambience, brewing in a playful bit of guitar mixed with drone and explainable vocal talk. It’s a melting pot of these two that never gets too intense, but become this sound palette that keeps itself in the background as if you have found yourself in the odd bit of a boarding space at the airport. It’s surreal, there are hardly any people around but the ones that are there are pretty special individuals.

Junklight – Blink to Orange Glass

A very cool but laid back rhythmic work comes in by Junklight, one that feels percussion-wise like something a modern day Moondog would come up with, combined with atmospheric synth sounds that take care of the bossy bass and atmospherically light rays that fly over it all. It feels like it’s an improvisation, something that has the power of being born on the spot and an energy that feels raw yet excitingly pleasant.

Wolfbear – Sound Vulture

One of the other more live sounding tracks is Sound Vulture by Wolfbear. It has a steady groove, bass, with some woozy woos that feels as if someone has grabbed a kazoo and played it on top with a certain passion. The drums are banging and getting more energetic the more the tune evolves; as if the drummer is colliding the energy aimed to kill off the kazoo player but returns it instead into fanatic excellent drumming.

Ship & Sail – Good Man

A more stripped down tune, a song ‘good Man’ is laid down here. It’s clean cut and honest, with Ship & Sail putting its tickling fingers out on its snared instrument of choice & using the vocals to express a fine moment of sentimentalism. It’s sweet and nice, a moment to lay your head close to it on a pillow and let the song do its thing…

Fire Toolz – Home-Birth-Hand-Off

This is the final track on the Spring compilation & as spring is as good as over (it took me more than a month to write this review apparently) ; everything makes perfectly sense! With a super wicked touch Fire Toolz shows that noises, excellent eccentricity, fun, downer music and unexpectedness can go well together. It comes in, flabbergast anyone who have reached it and flips out the backdoor exit before you can even fully grasp what it was that popped so brightly through the speakers! All in all, I won’t suggest anyone to write an essay (like I did or tried to do) about this enormous Spring compilation, but do want to point out that it will be of a great joy if you’d click the link and get this free downloadable compilation in order to get a great idea of all the excellent independent music that is waiting for your ears to be discovered! Lots of tunes & lots of talent!

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