The Gateless Gate – Heikan no Setsu

Artist: The Gateless Gate
Title: Heikan no Setsu
Keywords: electronic acapella buddhism buddhist chanting dark ambient drone experimental edm vaporwave vocal witchwave zen Portland
Label: Girly Girl Musik

The Gateless Gate is clearly open, perfectly wide to provide crystal clean voices doing an wonderful shamanic pleasure in sound form, at first beautifully praising the sunrise on Mount Shumisen with tones that hum within you like a holistic holiness so refined that it’s something to be in awe from. It makes you want to keep your mouth shut, slightly ashamed of your own voice as it is probably not being able to provide such a sound as that The Gateless Gate will provide over here.

But let’s forget about your own raspy or unworthy voice and listen to the excellent material that is coming out of this gatelees gate. As with an electronic rhythm moving in the back the shamans of smooth vocal galore it bring their throats together to provide the sound that could outlive a didgeridoo any time or day. The gateless gate explores the depths of stereophonic design, swirling around each other in a sterile fashion that feels as if they are like crystals beautifully rubbing each other as they praise The Mirror of Hui-neng. Not sure where this mirror is placed but hearing it our faces are probably not worthy to look inside of it, clearly being a reserved area for Hui-neng’s facial features.

But let’s continue describing the music on this oral album… Things are keeping themselves humble over there, like monks on a mission to get the most crystal clear voices in the world. One vocal excursions meeting up with well balanced others to prove the thriving evolvement of excellent skills. With plenty of ohms the Gateless Gate humble the emptiness with serene beauty, bringing compositions of wordless beauty together for a feeling of delighted enlightenment. Normally I would write a hallelujah over here, but I feel that it’s too deep and too serious to be tagged with a biblical praise, this is more Buddha territory after all..

Yes, with all these deep rhythms in the background the fine flowing humbling experiments of vocal drones and sheer beautification of voice vibrations, humming and deep buzzing buzzes all team up to bring a sensational work that feels ideal for a meditative session, resembling something that you won’t hear every day, even if you would step in to the home of a holy oracle home you might not find such honest & inspiring cases of advanced zen-state minds and the more purest form of intelligences.

All in all the music is wonderful and thrilling, all voices are as they are; no pitch shifting, no vocoder tricks or other special effects; truly showcasing the vocalists clarity and wonderfulness that feels as wondrous as you probably wished a true gift of true nature would have sounded like. Come and check it out and fly up in a light state of cheerful enlightenment:

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