Bejesus – Be

Artist: Bejesus
Title: Be
Keywords: 2step electronic raw house ambient atmospheric caustic 3 hauntology lo-fi outsider music soundscapes techno Prague
Label: Ethereal Talks

Nobody can ever stop you from realising your dreams. In fact you could be this and you could be that. However to bejesus you have to be bejesus. Only bejesus could come up with an album named be, and actually making it into a reality instead of letting it just be also is done next level skill not available for everyone. The result is a fancy low fidelity work of melodic shorties of pure electronic goodness. Pay attention dear readers as I will drop the keywords ‘electronic goodness’ quite some time over here… see if you could spot them!

The tracks on Be by Bejesus are coming at us in a way as if they had been recorded with a microphone near the speaker in bejesus’s studio while having a feathered filled pillow in between. It’s not too harsh and not too muffled, but finds a nice middle ground between these two. It gives a feeling as if we are listening to the radio or to music being received through a distance… but the actual tunes aren’t distorted or unlistenable, they are clearly coming over in all their melodic forms with their big programmed electro beats, lush synth sounds and all round feel electronic goodness. You could almost touch them, that’s how clear they actually are!

Electronic goodness is simply popping in one tune after another, as if bejesus left the whole abracadabra part of turning water into wine to someone else and focussed on making good electronic tunes instead! They are all good, nicely banging around as if played out in a empty club of a large scale… like church in a village where people have given up on religion.. all nicely bouncing their rhythmic steadiness among the walls and all over the spacious space. All working hard together to create one pleasant bit after the other, making it one big package instead of a work that should be discussed in a track by track fashion.

I would almost expect an entire entourage of music loving apostles to hover around this release, worshipping every melody, sound and beat as if the future of humankind depends on it. It probably isn’t, but that’s perfectly alright; not everyone needs to follow or worship the music of bejesus but for the ones who do; plenty of entertainment awaits you! Be sure to check it out if you can:

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