The Bordellos – Meet The Bordellos

Artist: The Bordellos
Title: Meet The bordellos
Keywords: alternative folk punk garage pop lo-fi post-punk psychedelic folk St Helens

Ah The Bordellos, the incredible family band that might not suit the entire family and their rich history of epic releases. This ‘meet the bordellos’ album is the second long player that this band had produced & with Brian finding some hard copies in CD form behind a barrel of oil he simply had some golden blocks of music in his hands. Now giving it away for the amount of barely nothing these professionally stored tunes are up for grabs & seriously I feel you should do just that before it’s all gone! Or hidden behind another less smelly hiding place. It’s a great album from start to finish, showcasing the rawness, the love, energy, the humour and beauty of this band in all their facets and forms. There is nothing really to feel discontent by, especially because with The Bordellos around being such a thing is something that is simply way out of your league.

To rub this nicely and immediately in your face the album brings you ‘Prince Of Discontent’ which is the strong opener that you could possible wish for, so strong and yet not get confiscated when you will take it through border control at the airport. According to Brian Bordello nobody wants CD’s anymore and everyone wants vinyl now; I strongly disagree as who needs vinyl while this rocker is out on CD, freaking out with the anthem that suits this strong minded head of the Bordellos family like a well fitted glove fitting a hand! It’s ‘Prince Of Discontent’ a heavy tune with tambourine, beautifully punk with heavy electric guitar and acid whopping around to compliment the vocals that underlines the real unsalted wit that surrounds this beautiful band in all their self contagious righteousness!

They keep the speed up and the energy flowing in delightful excitement ways while announcing the perfect time to die! A dark song perhaps, but brought to us with so much power that it feels as if it tossing us in the air for a great case of endorphins releasing itself all in one go! A complete rush to get things off your chest and out of your system!

Now chilled out, The Bordellos goes for true executed beauty. Delivering the wonderfully well orchestrated bit of music that seriously gives me tears and chicken skin all over as it played out. A true song of love, one about sharing life together including the warmest strings and kind hearted vibes that goes straight into heart; the danger of love is that it’s so beautifully addictive that when coming off it will be like kicking out an addiction.

The ‘Scream’ throws The Bordellos back into a melancholic zone in which love letters and their raw uptight inner Nirvanna’s come out to have a delightful fight among each other, resulting in an hot teenage spirit that rips your heart out and holds it in the air for everyone to see and admire!

From here the volume gets spiked up with a nice low fidelity layer in which a song Syd Barrett gets his praises in a tune in which it’s easy to imagine The Bordellos teaming up with the founder and equally ousted member of Pink Floyd for a life of utter freedom away from the sick limelight that Babylon has to offer. Somehow I personally would dream of a band consisting of The bordellos, Syd Barrett and Brian Jones… if only these people could be resurrected! It would have been so awesome and fitting! They could be a nice Art House Gang, rambling around like capable real life punks with a free spirited creative mind that won’t get peed on!

The Bordellos spike up the catchiness and caffeine crush-your-enemy hello anarchy goodness but don’t go for the lame excuse of being only able to play two accords and wear ripped and studded clothes, but flop it all in a whirlwind of smart ass musician skills, showcasing that not everything has to be made by idiots, have to sound like trash – to make an delightful impact as the real deal! When The bordellos sing about their home where the booze is they absolutely mean it in a delightful way!

Speaking of anarchy the bordellos do have some sanity in their catalogue, there is this track that is pretty and is named that’s my law, which comes across like a well endowed duvet of musicality that lovingly caressing us with the most sincerest love you probably could imagine. With on one ear a relatable drum loop hammering politely away while on both serenely pleasant strings of warmth are flown in. Brian sings with a very believable and trustable passion and as an anarchist i could only bend my extreme visions in a way that The Law as brought to us by the bordellos is the only law worth respecting.

Blank Letter (the bass edition) is literally undressing the listeners with the ultimate bass fest in the middle of a vast groove sensation with electrifyingly psychedelic proportions. It is super in all it’s aspects , moving forward in a progressive way that is getting the soulful humanness of the vocalist to light it all up like a sturdy fire. It’s super hot and before you know it you’ll be showing off your belly button to let off some steam! Such a great tune!

I’ve had some stalker problems in the past, that’s why I’m mostly hard to find on social media, using some tricky name to trick mark zuckerberg into believing that my fake name is the real one. But yes, I guess it makes it a bit more harder for stalkers to pop up and go berserk… but thanks to the Bordellos I finally get to hear also the other side.. not of the one being stalked by the side of the actual stalker. It’s highly interesting and also secretly textual my favourite song on the album. It gives a listener great insight into what a stalker thinks and also the main reasons too. The lyrics are quite hilarious, all nicely decorated with a soundtrack that seemingly seems to roll out of an Andy Warhol studio. The stalking Bordello’s head will pop up when you open the toilet seat, will be the padding in your wonderbra or even your tampon… it’s a classic one & funny or not comes across as it is coming from a place that is utterly real!

But The bordellos don’t just cover this side of the story , they also hit the right spot to deliver the sound of being a broken man. They are clearly a jack of all trades, getting inspirations from real life happenings and gone full freakout on this galore of musicianship. They keep their hearts as the most shredded prominent instrument, strumming away their velvet mind like an fine upbuilding orgasm that gets more explosive, blood boiling and fuller towards the epicentre to overtop it with expressive fireworks.

The Bordellos are the ones that showcases romantic antics of true feelings of love like passionate poets, from psycho to kind hearted warm lovers that throw each listener in a sparkling bath of flowers, praise and beauty. And I believe that they are the only ones who can make the contrasts of them being so delightfully honestly charming and them going a little wilder than a wild lion into one that is sincerely and absolutely natural. The knife cuts on both ways in the Bordello household. But it’s always aiming for the heart! It’s best to meet The Bordellos at their very best and this CD might actually be it as they invite you without hesitation in all their moods, from ultra happy, fun, psycho and uplifting to rough to homely & dreamingly charming! All soaked in a incredible solution of greatly Real music!


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