Seicho Suru Kigi and Dzik – Douhesi

Artist: Seicho Suru Kigi and Dzik
Title: Douhesi
Keywords: electronic experimental noise United Kingdom

This is something that start with a beginning, one that feels a bit wet and croaky, a guitar of sentiment softy accentuates the place as if it’s an old memory of a garden shed that has been outside in the rain, one standing next to a rusty old fence that had been slowly opening and closing in the wind, perhaps a swing wobbling around too. Maybe next to it a little water thing, a river or perhaps land attached to a lake with a boot floating slowly on top of it…

Than slowly but surely some noisier thing comes in, a thing that feels as if it’s a electric shaver with the behaviour of a hunting cat, but instead of jumping out with its claws out the whole scenery quickly changes, dragging us under the water, swiftly providing the calm micro waves that are normally available at a relaxed bay instead of the picturesque dusty picture of oldness. Normally a good reason to slightly slip into a panic; cause nobody likes to suddenly find themselves in cold water… but in this case it’s just a little audio trick and we could all just sit it through without worries. After all it’s only just the beginning.

When we arrive at the middle point of the release it rolls in with a triumphant rolls of drums, they aren’t traditional ones, but come across as if they had been made up with a whole amount of scrapyard material, feeding a lovely avant-garde scene to the ears that feels as exciting as a cow playing its own cowbell while striking chopsticks on washing boards; it’s pretty much a spectacle for the ears and when various vocal weirdness pop out of there its as unexpected as it is delightedly freaky; like someone brushing their teeth and squeezing out squeaks of joy while a mouth full of toothpaste and drool provide a great audio acoustic element to be proud off.

The ending of this designed advent comes across as if someone had found a comb and rattles the comb-things with a finger. Luckily a bit of acoustics are dipped in as well, lovingly providing the sweet sounds that feel like they are done to create a cozy look in a quietly relaxed happy day. One that twinkles with all the right bits, but won’t go full out with an acoustic guitar or some other prominence, leaving everything nicely as a backdrop that feels like it’s attempting to create a nice feeling that isn’t in our face, but still generates a happy ending into our hearts. How nice! A very clear beginning, middle point and end for a loving collaboration between two artists that clearly seem to fit together perfectly!

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1 Response to Seicho Suru Kigi and Dzik – Douhesi

  1. My friend notified me earlier about this. Thank u very much! – Poopigi (ex-Seicho suru kigi)

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