Cavatus – A0620-00

Artist: Cavatus
Title: A0620-00
Keywords: experimental acoustic ambient dark ambient drone harsh noise noise piano space Aurora

What can you say about the music or noise on this long player of an release? That the secret agents for unsolved murder cases should check it out for potential hints in solving unsolved crimes of murder? Disappearances perhaps?

It’s one of those albums that makes you think like you are listening to someone like Ed Gein if he would make music next to making body suits from his victims and hand crafted living room lamps out of human skin and bones. Yep, Ed was an odd fellow with a strange hobby indeed & somehow this collection of music comes across as the person who made it might dabble around in similar oddness and hobbies.

It’s a scary happening, one that feels safe to hear from a distant but could be imagined as terrifying if you had been waking up in this artist’s apartment. There is a high sense of creepiness roaming around, one that seems to have a certain will and sense to know what to do to not only physically make someone’s life into a hell, or ending it all, but also how to make a listener feel like a first row visitor of terrible crimes against selfless individuals. How interesting!

It’s like listening to tiny snippets, notes and thoughts, eerie moods to oneself of a psychopath with no obvious consciousness. It is great for people who are into slaughter house movies, for people who love gory scenes or simply a high interest in having a peek into the life of such a secluded member of society that does it’s dark activities far away out of the public’s eye.

You can hear this scary individual vocally expressing himself while atmospheric little melodies repeat itself on loop for extra torment, the sounds of knives being sharpened, of noises that seem to resemble sheer horror that are popping out in the backdrop. It’s like a sneak peek inside this hell house, meeting a close up encounter with nit just the environment but also a look into the close personal mindset of this dangerous sounding individual.

Its clearly suggestible to stay away from this artist, also to be sure that any loved ones or people that you care for are also far removed from wherever this Cavatus is operating. Just for your and their safetyMs sake! But I guess it’s alright and safe to go for that thrill that is placing your ears into the output that this artist has created over here. If it’s fiction it would be extra great, but somehow this comes across as the real thing… extra creepy but great for lovers of the psycho-ambient genre!

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