Pelvis Presley – Bon Voyage

artist: Pelvis Presley
title: Bon Voyage
keywords: punk rock garage indie noise pop rock n roll Baltimore

Pelvis Presley apparently didn’t left the building & if he did he at least left some oddball music for us to hover over. He whistles and plays the guitar badly, Pelvis does this clearly in the name of fun and why not? it’s better than shaking your wobbly legs in front of the elderly & probably also healthier than putting shoe wax in your hair. Still for our own ears sake, you must approach this Pelvis Presley a bit with caution as even though Pelvis is clearly having fun, it doesn’t mean we have to be on the same line as in having fun with him. He is swinging quite over the place, which can go from noise experimentation, to straight up punk galore in a finest lo-fi vibe.

You just know that Pelvis is trying it all out for the sake of having a god time recording and playing, but as a listener we might be a bit weary of being exposed to an artist having so much fun. I mean, listen carefully, some is loud, some is soft; all is pushing it in your face that Pelvis Presley is free to do what he wants and feels & listening to that might be a poke in your eye when your stuck, glued to a chair in a boring job in a secluded deadly office space. It will be like Pelvis Presley kicking away the computer on your desk and jumping on top of it, while shaking its glitter costume all in your face; look at me, I’m Pelvis Presley and see my scrotum dangle from left to right! try to work now, try to focus on whatever your boss wanted you to finish today… try to finish your homework with Pelvis Presley singing hubba hubba in front of you; it will be as good as an mission impossible.

But if you for some reason be a little bit more on Pelvis Presley’s level of fun, enjoy blowing bubble gum bubbles in your own face and wobble around like a madly free person; the Pelvis Presley experience might be a good reason to hop around, kick the chairs and get yourself potentially fired from your steady income. It’s fine, as we are sure Pelvis Presley will take you under its wing, bring you around as the carrier of the rock star’s bags including his spectacular flamboyant costumes and rock and roll gear… and if not; oh well, you can’t blame Pelvis Presley really… Pelvis clearly doesn’t like a block around its legs to drag along, doesn’t want to be held back or hold down; plays itself out like a weirdo that is out on a mission… not sure if the mission includes to drive people crazy, into homelessness and into mental facilities; but there might be a chance that its one of the extras!

In any case Pelvis Presley does its thing and you listen to him when the time is ripe and have a good time with it, or do it when the time isn’t ripe and go slightly loopy; it’s up to you.. i would go for a session of mad-man embracing, to slip into a make shift Presley costume, throw a jar full of gel in your hair and blast up the volume as Pelvis doing its fishy things of breaking the rules of the fools!

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