Gilman Mom – A Trilogy of Perspective

artist: Gilman Mom
title: A Trilogy of Perspective
keywords: electronic experimental ambient art creative commons free Berkeley

I’m always seriously scared when checking out a requested album and find out that it has 300 tracks to explore. A normal blog would probably lightly skip around them, or just find some kind of press release to copy and paste; but somehow because of being crazy, I must hear the entire thing from start to finish. I don’t know why, except being crazy, but I feel like there is no choice. If I wont do it, I will probably go to hell. (or worse: heaven!)

So there I went, listening to this immersive album by nobody less than Gilman Mom. It didn’t have actually 300 tracks, but a mere 27, but that is still long enough to occupy a lot of time. A reason for my fear is that I could have used the time spending with this work to listen to multiple EP’s, or give some love to multiple artists hanging out and about on a compilation… All those kind of thoughts blubber around my head while seeking deeper and deeper in the music housed on A Trilogy of Perspective…

Slowly but surely, even though the many stops by subtle distractions of seemingly random audio recordings of personal voices leaving messages of some sort, the ambient music seemed to smother away those fears, those thoughts of ‘what if I waste my life when hearing this album so focused?’ would the artist even be appreciative with me laying such an intensive ear on their release? Is it all worth it? All those questions simply go down the drain as these strange experimental sounding recreational works parade by slowly…

so much so that I try to focus on them, try to feel what they are about, what they do with me as they present themselves one by one… Only to come to the conclusion that they are not for grabs, they aren’t of the kind to be touched, to be held in your arms or held in the sky for an special adoring moment; they are all different, yet all have that untouchable feel and vibe that makes it onto one of those albums that I might have approached all wrong. It was one for in the background, creating a safe space with sound, killing of the silence, but yet not being prominent jumping around in your face as well.

Some of them flow, others do have some kind of rhythm going on, light or dark, something in between… they are there, but feel endless, even though they might actually all be not so lengthy at all… When executing this personal mission of listening to the whole album from front to start I did not attended it as a backdrop playing event, but even though I blasted it out with the loudest volume the music somehow smothered my attention span, took away the ‘reviewers-stress’ and actually emptied my thoughts in general. Blank like a empty sheet was how Gilman Mom’s music made me feel and sleepy like a baby was the actual result…

Half way the album I doped off, my eyes closed and I had probably gone into the other dimension that I like to call dreamland. I woke up from my own snoring noises hours later, so I guess Gilman Mom had taken me under its wing while I was unconscious & I hope it didn’t do any Bill Cosby tricks on me while Knocked Out. But nah, Gilman Mom is not that kind of mother, this can be easily heard and felt(the music comes from a very good place!) & in fact I should thank this artist for being able to get rid of my fears, troubles and worries & replace it with a nice piece of rest… thank you for the peacefulness!

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