Alpha Chrome Yayo – Lithobreakin’

artist: Alpha Chrome Yayo
title: Lithobreakin
keywords: 80s electronic ireland electro electro funk funk future funk future synth northern ireland outrun retrowave synthpop synthwave Belfast

Alpha Chrome Yayo are breaking the lithosphere, they do this as if they had invited an entire galaxy of helmet wearing aliens who are all nicely camouflaged as undercover Daft Punks & an entire field full of frogs with their croaks of full funkiness. They crazily jump up and down, over and under each other and certainly seem to have a splendid time. Space aliens and frogs all dancing and happily jamming together; who cares that they are lithobreakin as you know what?It’s alright to break things if you got the groove like the one that Alpha Chrome Yayo provides! In fact if you have that; you might as well break some vases too!

But don’t worry, Alpha Chrome Yayo is not here in any violent way, in fact you can clearly hear that they come in a very chilled out persona too. Especially when the sound of Escape Atrocity is showcased on this EP. Never in my life did we hear such a confident escape, no hasty turnarounds, no heavy road accidents, no panic buttons pressed, no hyper speed chasing scenes; but a very cool and relaxed escape that will leave us staring behind with our mouths open wide.

A bit more of a dancing time comes along when Alpha Chrome Yayo brings ‘Anchorage’ which still is coming across as pretty chilled, quite melodic and friendly, but has this quirky underlying hup-hup beat that makes you wish you had been equipped with springs under your feet so you could jump happily as high a kite around on the music. With heavy electric guitar riffs showing off in some corners, the sweetness seems to have been quietly spiced up to make the chilled out session into on that also elevates the energy levels…

…which is great news as not long after we are brought to the Lithobreakin time again for one last time jumping around with our unanimous space helmeted friends and frogs. this time it’s apparently more trashy than the first session, but personally I couldn’t really spot the difference in the hygiene of the track. In any case Alpha Chrome Yayo showed a nice funky side & some relaxed moments too & I thought that was quite the nice thing to do… what do you think? The only complaint is that when i played lithobreakin too loud with my window open, it actually did attracted a whole family of funk loving frogs. Not that they weren’t fun to look at as they jumped up and down, but the noise that they make when they realize that the music is over is pretty much crazy-making!

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