The Tuesday Night Machines – Super Dolomiti Crunch

Title: Super Dolomiti Crunch
Artist: The Tuesday Night Machines
Keywords: 8bit cassette electronic experimental germany c64 chiptune crunch dolomites ios ipad mountaineering tape label tracker ttnm weird Cologne
Label: Strategic Tape Reserve

In case you might have noticed, yikis had been pooping out single reviews the whole week and now even this stream had stopped… what had been happening? What had been going on? Well let me explain… I had been locked up in the backside of an UFO and apparently the secretive emergency operator had launched the reviewing robot to act like it had been me and electronics wrote and published a review each day… until the battery ran out! Our technology did not integrate well with the mark zuckerberg imperium as the robot did not managed to update that at all, but shitter… yeah it did its job on the shitter account too!

Luckily I’m back, alive and well and fiercely escaped by boring my captivators with long essays about music nobodies listens too.. I see that the robot stopped somewhere before the weekend so we can just say that we had a few days off and are now back in business again.. the busy business of waisting everyone’s life by chit chatting away in writing form & hopefully pointing you lot towards some epic albums or unheard music.. don’t get your hopes up, but who knows…

Anyway, to keep the excitement up from having the blog back to rule it with a human touch, I wanted to listen with you to Super Dolomiti Crunch by The Tuesday Night Machines. I thought it would be fitting as now that the robot reviewer is out of energy it’s nice to hear the music of some other bunch of mechanics at work. The only thing that I’m a little concerned about is that it isn’t Tuesday night and I’m worried that the music would would sound entirely different to the ears while listening to it on any other day and time of the week… but I guess we can only check that by listening to the album on Tuesday again.. for now it’s a Sunday night listen for me…

So yeah this one starts with a track named Spa Aprea Nochs, which is a nice title but the music might actually sound nicer.. think of little whispering electronics, caressing the ears with attentive expressive sounds that come across as gentle, rhythmically exploring and rather cute. It’s nothing to be afraid for or to run away from, which is a good thing as the next tune is one worth the wait: it’s one classy chiptune banger, filled with jolly positivism all nicely put together in a short time span for an intimate boost of a listener’s morale!

To chill out from this instant take on happy energy, The Tuesday Night Machines take us all for a relaxed, wondrous moment of a nachtwanderung. Sobering in my head says that this is German for a stroll in the night, but as I hear this music while laying down in chill out mode I can assure you that even without real life physical action this is pretty material to listen and hang out in too. Also the action packed shorty named Hiking Boots are a good colourful bunch of raw, yet friendly chip chop crunch material, it would suit a flamboyant dance with boots on, but also without any sign of energy within your body this tune goes in like a sweet candy.

Lovers at Base Camp is the tune in which love and happiness unite for a fine and friendly uplifting party. Life does gets a good energetic boost over here and the tune is wild and friendly engaging to jump out of the relaxing position and go for a unexpected dance in which the jaw of the onlooking pet might drop from utter surprise. The work goes on for a search and a bewildering look in Under bushes in order to trace and track some movement. I hope this doesn’t refer to little bugs occupying some fluffy pubic hairs, but even if it was; the music is jolly enough to even check that out with a full blown smile on the face! One that can continue to grow when anthem Super Dolomiti Crunch goes for a tough, cool , rather raspy bigness to end this release like a super hero that survived camping in pixel land like a true character of sheer braveness!

Yeah, I might have been taken away for a whole week, but hearing this release is certainly making it up for all the time I spend listening to the UFO’s engine buzzing away! What a mighty source of jolly happiness & let me tell you this; it’s available on cassette and as a digital download! So why not get both!? Totally worth it!

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