Ray Kosmische – Why you Sayin’../Dang

Artist: Ray Kosmische
Title: Why you Sayin’../Dang
Keywords: crane house records experimental psychedelic ray kosmische roots art rock Manchester

Ray Kosmische is back and this time the artist comes in like a big muddy cloud, one full of foggy steam and potent mystery. Like a true audio wizard Ray’s voice appears to ask the important question ‘why?’ But even though the question is so clear the powerful sounds of magic appear to be only able to answer with a tone of sound. It’s pretty, don’t get me wrong, but not very clear what’s meant by it. It does come across as a eureka moment, one in which the artist got presented the right light but for me as a uninformed listener I still feel rather clueless to the why why situation. Still had a nice time witnessing the moment!

After this our audio experimenting friend tosses us in a big bulging sound that feels as if a car had driven into a water supplying pole that firemen and fire women like to connect their hoses with. You can hear the disaster unfolding, one high massive spray of watery substance all flushing out at once like a unwanted yet exciting fountain of youth. When it is time to get it under control and the road is all nicely mopped up clean again, some presenter rubs truth in our faces… we might have waisted our little lives away, but than again if life has no meaning why not filling it up by doing the things that you enjoy, like Ik my case; writing about the music of Ray Kosmische!

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