Armenia – Condiziona Menti

Artist: Armenia
Title: Condiziona Menti
Keywords: electronic giorgia ponticello mattia moro alternative condizionamenti dogma electronic music electronica experimental electronic italian italiano singer-songwriter texts visceral electronics voices Genoa

Hello. Here is another ground breaking review/write up for the hopeless dialectic crowds flocking towards our humble ‘music’ blog:

A pacemaker that had gone on a little rampage, ticking along in full speed while some cyborg tells us something, as little acidic farts plot out some baselines for our possible aural pleasures. Additional synth pads that dive around into the sound of mystery give it all the eerie feeling as if we had awoken with memory loss in some kind of empty foreign alien spaceship, trying to figure out what happened, why the crew had left and why our electric heart kept on pounding in such a speedy fashion? I guess we won’t get any wiser as the music continues but I guess that is the around story of life; things go down but wiser we ain’t getting.

The tour of walking around in the abandoned alien section of a vast sounding vessel continues while the pacemaker sorted itself out to beat into a more relatable shape and form. It has the big ballsy bouncy vibes that you might expect when trying to do some science fiction detective work, feeding the curiosity with every kick and smothered synth bits. The vocals seems to come out of a automatic generated speaker system, leaving us feeling all alone and quite doomed in this odd location, but I guess it also brings somebody deep into the zone of a non existing computer game that can be loaded in audio form and seen and played within your own imagination.

Then it’s time for the last zone that this music explores, of shall we say: the next level? It’s one of a more positive sounding outcome, one in which the entire board computer seems to have come to life and flushes out sparks of electric energy & colourfully seems to invite us for a meeting of the minds and melt together with its artificial intelligence. I can’t find a reason why not, or any information why we have been teleported here in the first place, but as long as there is a happy ending like this one it seems that our game play has been thoroughly successful , which is awesome as most of the yeah I know it sucks crew completely sucks at games!

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