jonas van den bosche / alex ilyine / dirk wachtelaer

Artist: jonas van den bossche / alec ilyine / dirk wachtelaer
Title: double threat
Keywords: experimental improvisation drums experimental free guitars improv improvisation Belgium

I’m just going to completely ignore the names, the three artists who created this work and simply approach it as if they had melted into one and became one excellent individual. Why? Why not! It sounds like one (this output) and writing all of their names out seems like a gigantic hassle to go for. The music however is rather fanatic, making me think of it being some kind of backroom audio installation at some weird museum of modern art with rooms filled with scrapyard junk and statues made out of broken pieces that the museum employees mishandled and had now somehow found a way to publish it in a new shape and forms. Of course I’m not at all slagging on this piece of music, saying it is sounding like a collection of trash all stuck on top of each other with tape and super glue but it keeps you thinking; how to visualise this stuff in any other way?

I couldn’t see no landscapes or fairytale environments coming to life or the sound of a big bad wolf eating someone’s grandma; but I did hear a lot of stuff, all packed together for some kind of ratatouille that isn’t clean cut but more of the rustic kind. On top of this pile I do imagine a Jimmy Hendrix impersonator playing out some epic riffs & while I think of this I seriously hope the museum ceiling is high enough to contain it all. All the tracks on this release are named double threat which tells me that they either had no idea of a better title or they perhaps have recorded it all in one go and chopped it all up or simple had been a little high on something. Why not triple threat? I mean it’s three artists at work here that I (for easiness of this review) had melted into one, but now I’m shooting myself in the foot and not even in a artistic way!

Let’s take it for what it is as the threat goes from artery in to something that feels way more punky. Things bang, guitars are blown away as if they had been lid on fire & easy listening had by far long gone tossed out of the nearest window. The sentencing sound of sound is loud and wild, banging on soup cans and drums for a glorious take of making noise that people could stroke their chins for. Yep, artistic music with a edgy side to it, colourfully cooked up in a proper improvisational mood and executed like they are the personification of the pied piper luring a decadent audience into the pipes of hell. Don’t worry though; it’s all art! An art session that goes on endlessly and full relentlessness; it shows no mercy for its listeners as it pushes the boundaries of what’s doable for anyone with a set of sensible ears and one good mind. Is it punk? Does it kicks us all over the edge of sanity? Does this piece of art had come alive with all its loudness to drive us all to the lunatic asylum? Does it feel safe to bring a group of eager school children inside and let them study it for some kind of essay?

I don’t know, but what I do know that this is catered to an special kind of listener, an unique brew that probably would easily feel at home on a intellectual culturing platform as well as the local boozer to witness punks slamming guitars on each others heads! A diverse crowd indeed! And when they even fade more around into the abstract avant garde sound you might as well think of it as something classy that would also be accepted as a setup in the middle of a noise show. It is as this music stays in the middle of all and at the same time has everywhere a feet within it. It doesn’t make it the material whole families would easily plug into, but who knows; don’t want to offend or tell what families will be able to listen in the privacy of their own homes or not. In any case, I played it in the garden on a hot day and miraculously kept the neighbours at bay! Apparently they don’t have such good music taste as You and me have:

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1 Response to jonas van den bosche / alex ilyine / dirk wachtelaer

  1. Dirk Wachtelaer says:

    Hi KN, thank you very much for this review, it is a joy to read ! I’m always happy when people really listen to our music and especially when they can also write a creative review šŸ™‚ Your review is funny and serious at the same time, you certainly write some sensible things about our music. It’s a big compliment when you say that we have melted into one and became one excellent individual, I think that is exactly the essence of this music. Thanks !
    Dirk Wachtelaer

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