mutanT.R.I – S-E-N / S-E

Artist: mutanT.R.I.
Title: S-E-N / S-E
Keywords: electronic experimental ambient drone industrial noise Slovakia

When we normal human people have a birthday we either go for it with cake , candles and gifts or hide in a corner crying that we have been another year in this world. But when an alien has a birthday things work quite differently. First of all it’s not you who gives the alien gifts, it’s the alien giving you a gift. It’s not a physical package of some unneeded crap wrapped up in a box with some saucy paper around it but of course a ticket to outer space. Not an actual ticket but an audio one in which you could all fly away into the world of alien surroundings.

How I know this as you might think that we chat about music over here and are not really the expert on aliens; well, our friendly alien friend mutanT.R.I. had it’s birthday very recently and even though it’s fair to say that this music producing alien is very unique, it’s also the only real life alien that we are in contact with. It happens that this alien friend had indeed become a year older and instead of inviting us all over for birthday cake and singing a happy birthday song mutanT.R.I. delivered us a very relaxing and special live recording recorded on his birthday.

And trust me, after a very gentle opener to get used to aliveness in the alien landscape the music becomes really wonderful and warm, super friendly and even without a beat it feels festive, happy and wonderful. We heard and had many music trips done by this alien, but nothing really like this one; you can clearly hear the love and the on the spot decision making that makes this album one of the most engaging, weird and wonderful audio trips to go for. When the cuteness dives in a pallets of manipulated voices and organic strangeness gathered from altered field recordings along with plenty of alienating sounds you might just wish that every alien was a music making one & everyday they had some kind of birthday release! It’s such a very delicate trip that goes all over the place yet gets it all together, creating one big reason to say ‘hip hip hooray’ for all of us!

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