A Humanoid Individual – Do The Right Thing EP

Artist: A Humanoid Individual
Title: Do The Right Thing EP
Keywords: electronic tech house techno. electronica minimal minimal techno techno Ljubljana
Label: Concrete Reality Records

Even though our requests line is utterly clogged, when someone bribes us with compliments there is always some secret bypass to escape the long wait with the others in the pipes of our pretty packed sewer system. This is how this review came here, parading nicely without being tucked away like the others, nicely placed upfront like some small town criminal who said the exact things of flattery that we suckers enjoy to hear. And there is nothing wrong with that after all it’s time to focus on the important things, like people who are nice and friendly & minimal techno.

Minimal techno? Yep, minimal techno! Especially when made by A Humanoid Individual… the one who licked our buttocks with niceness in a private mail and whose music we had enjoyed before! The crazily amazing thing is that it not only knows how to get our attention, but also that it gets us nicely hypnotised with its own brand of minimal electric rhythm providing. It feeds us the kick and the licks & with the additional sniff of high drops of sweetness you just know that you can bump your head nice and freely into a adorable little whiplash; oh, the joys of electronic minimal techno are like always worth some neck pain!

Beside if you continue this story you might get your neck all flexible again. As conversing helps to tenderise this meaty bond part like a hammering massage that doesn’t want you to say no for an answer. It bangs and hands some more; the kick and the high hat like age old friends banging together as if they swallowed enough viagra and Spanish fly to keep on pounding like a young couple on their first date of sexy time. It’s not very tender, not throwing a lot of humble rose peddles in the bed room but instead go for a hard rhythmic continuation that might as well be enjoyed with open arms and legs!

A moment of reaching out is what it’s all about, sliming its way in front of the line, providing the no nonsense approach of rhythm that gets you all twirled up in hypnotic boom – kick – tick – crash & receptive beeps; why we like it so much is a true mystery, but I guess the lack of melodies and no sign of an entourage of unneeded music friends is sometimes the kind of music that gives us a breath of fresh air, the moment in which we can celebrate nothingness without actually listening to nothing. Do the right thing; gives us compliments and listen to some Minimal techno, baby… it’s so important:

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