Day Dream Salon 2 with Sunlight Sound with Belle Humble, Fred de Mercedes, Bloom de Wilde, Djanan Turan.

Yesterday the second edition of the Day Dream Salon realized itself thanks to the greater hands of will and its personal executioners. The result was a spectacularly intimate and impressive event that flourished goodness among the day time visitors of all possible ages and artists alike. Setup to tackle the problem of being an artist with kids and not being able to go and see gigs at night (because kids can be hard work) but now setup in an midday between 2 to 5; adults and youngsters could enjoy proper performances and quality music together, while also gaining a somewhat community feel with a highly touchable sense of a miniature festival in which there was no barrier between the performers and the audiences, with high interaction and good vibes bouncing between and around them.

The event started with the debut of Belle Humble’s brand new project ‘Sunlight Sound with Belle Humble‘, one in which she took the new generation into a dreamland by mixing an imaginative set of meditation, sound-bathing and wonderful sounding songs. She was like the ideal person to follow into the dreamland, a magician who you could trust, an angel speaking to everyone’s imagination through her personality of magical calmness, guiding everyone to the realms of peaceful bliss and fantasies. Her voice (whether in talking form or singing) was like an angel, kind and warm; very pleasant to the ears and dreamy for the mind; the ideal guide to parade the lovely audience through the borders of the universe and safely back again. What a bliss and wonderful experience!

After a little break in which the kids gladly explored the tower’s beautiful flower garden it was time for the music of Fred de Mercedes who brought a wonderful hypnotic set of songs and music to the cozy surroundings. Young kids, babies and adults got easily mesmerized by the enigmatic music that had a very high trance-inducing quality, excellently filling the place up with the tones that triggered the imagination of everyone in the new realm that this cozy place now had to offer. With a sedating voice and a dry cut macabre amount of humour in between Fred de Mercedes placed everyone in his pocket for a moment of true escapism with the spellbinding psychedelics of sheer music .

After another moment in which the audience could get some fresh air in the garden it was time to come back and witness another pleasant surprise:
Seated on the ground without a microphone but with a friendly looking ukulele was the next performer; Bloom de Wilde. You might think that a room full of children, babies and adults might bring enough sound polution to make an acoustic unplugged performance as good as impossible, but things couldn’t be further from the truth. When Bloom de Wilde started playing it was like magic, when she opened her mouth to let the golden rays of power come out everyone was in awe; a true magical moment in which her strong & beautiful voice and wonderfully played melodies filled up the tower and the many hearts within it. The miraculous joy was to me the moment that even babies started to clap when the performance was done; creating a vibe that was totally appreciated by earth’s early visitors as well as the ones that had roamed this dimension for some longer years. It was amazing!

Djanan Turan and her wonderful band ended the lovely event with public’s favorite songs that came from chill out and imaginative, but soon setup the place in a happy dancing frenzy with the little angels and their grown up friends all in a energetic blaze of happy feet! The energy and great sing-a-long invitations of her songs easily laid its fruits, triggering a joyful interactive performance that could easily be felt from top to toe and all the way back up again! A set in which musicality, empowerment and fun all seemed to flourish, underlining what the term ‘good vibes’ are all about. Djanan Turan and the songs shined and her band of happy troubadours flooded the realm up with a great positive interactive energy for the cutest audience ever!

All in all; The tower had been draped in a very pleasant magical power field on that day, with lemonade and home baked vegan cakes and most of a great line up that was packed with goodness, giving an mini festival sensation that made me feel honored and happy to be there and enjoy these engaging & inspiring positive music vibes of the Day Dream Salon and its best audience in history!

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