Jodie Lowther – The Cat Collects

Artist: Jodie Lowther
Title: The Cat Collects
Keywords: experimental electronic haunting horror psychedelic recordings soundtrack vocal London

With full anticipation I awaited the new solo release by Jodie Lowther & when it arrived I had no reason to cool down my apparent enthusiasm. The title was already twinkling my imagination as I love cats and it was named ‘The Cat Collects” a double reason to go all loopy from excitement!

With an instant hurry, I dove into the first track “The Border”, which I had to hear a couple of times on repeat just to fully make the transition of dull nothingness smoothly into the wonderful magical world of Jodie Lowther.  It’s placing the righteous tones of mystery in the mix, tickling itself with a humbleness and nibbling away with a certain ease that feels like a fragile music box that is determent to conquer your heart and sucks you right in to this brand new world of mysterious music.

One in which we roam around inside a mystical beautiful garden, one in which the cat rules the scepter, goes for a well willing explorer mode to get everything sorted out in this obvious paradise that hangs between dreams and reality. Every corner is filled with beautiful flowers, warm strings of light, bright cozy melodic extractions and the voice that spreads itself out like a humbling godmother that oversees the peacefulness of this remarkable hunting ground for this sweet spirited feline.

With a humbleness Jodie Lowther fills up the air like a mythological being full of serene love and serenity, one who is tiptoeing on the melody like an angel that made peace with certain things, clearly packing up a new found serenity to sound less dark and bewitching to deliver the sound of the artist being a human being who happens to create with the heart and soul tucked away in the rightful places. With small bits of experimental electronics she scratches the surface of emotions, nicely manoeuvring her music underneath the surface of your own skin like a session of ASMR but than without the cheesy soft whispering sensation, but a much more secure and self insured new born artist that reinvented herself as the scrapyard guardian of beautiful junk.

This is the album in which Jodie Lowther shows herself in the process of becoming a butterfly, safely tucked away in a cocoon that she has opened up for us to crawl in with her, unafraid and loyal sharing this intimate space of music like a warm pleasant shelter that we could be in after cleaning out feet. Here we can be good guests, being extremely warm welcomed and nicely treated by the gentleness of our beloved host who isn’t at all afraid to open the door for us as we knock on it with fierce anticipation, ready to be met with coziness that feels as equally intriguing as stepping into someone’s magical and deeply personal heart.

Here she brings the sound of new found knowledge, of a style that seems to say that we should enjoy every moment in life, appreciate loved ones and the ability to enter surreal worlds of utter realness. Jodie Lowther seems to have buried the past and now makes a clean start with a angelic pleasantness that is very calming, loving and honest; the kind of musical place that goes direct into you and decides to stay there for a while, perhaps forever.. happily riding along in your soul to provide wisdom in a humbling sensation like a magician that doesn’t do tricks but actually is doing the real thing with a positive light in her hands.

The last track has a bit of a darker toned tone to it, one that makes me think of the aspects of a funeral, yet it also feels as if there is a new found power in there, one that is strong and clever, ready to pop out any time and be that flying miracle that won’t be stoppable in her artistic and musical tracks! … I’m not sure if any of what I have written here makes any sense but this is what came out as I was in total awe of this special music as created by this spellbinding artist. If you are a special cat (or human?) collecting wonderful personal music than I suggest you to collect this album:

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