Norah Lorway – Future World

Artist: Norah Lorway
Title: Future World
Keywords: electronic experimental United Kingdom
Label: Earthrid

Norah Lorway brings us the sound of a future, one that I did not yet know as even though I try to run faster than time I kept on living in the past. That’s why listening to her work is so interesting as it gives you a good look into a possible world in which nothing really seems to have the slightest familiarity with how the past is. However the future does clearly have still sound, one that is immersive like a train that steadily purrs Like a wise cat as it slides onto the rails of a foggy world of drone. At first things seems to be dominated by a choir of insects, some kind of mutated crickets that lay around in the mysterious bushes so to avoid possible extinction; a thing that might have ruined us all and everything that we once knew out in order to bring this future of surreal emptiness that feels humbling, but also quite scary if you think enough about it: what is this future? Where are all my friends gone? Where are the city doubts or the mowing cows on a field? Is everything wiped out for a natural restart by Mother Earth?

With surreal elegance this new peek in to the future shines of a golden glow of beauty, overwhelming listening listeners with the heart on the right place by providing a serene peacefulness that tells us all that such a crucial wipe out might have been a needed one to happen. The future that Nora Lorway sketches is one that might be one far away from any noise pollution, easily making way to warm glows of peaceful rays of audio that wades around the new world like a surreal beauty free from humans. Maybe also free from most other species, but to me I doubt that this prettiness wouldn’t be fruitful for new kinds of life to be born, even if it was just because they had been triggered by so much beauty that they had to come out and check it out…

And indeed when future world’s title track reveals itself it’s as if listening to a wonderful acceptance of new life, one representing a brand new time that stands as equal to a new born baby deer that just opens its eyes for the very first time. Beholding a brand new world in which the air is clean, fresh green, trees, flowers and all round freshness will great the new born’s life like a carefree heaven-world that is serenely beautiful. Maybe the future on earth isn’t so bleak, as Norah Lorway points out that even though things are different than how it is now; it’s much more heavenly and a time in which evolution will continue to outdo itself with confident amazement.

And don’t worry even humans seem to have survived as when we dive deep into the Deep Warm future it becomes clear that industrialism with its acidic elements are also available to balance things out. Crazily enough this part of the future doesn’t seem to bad too, making the acid production of our poisonous production into one that got quite the natural swing, making it clear that even though we are there in a factory of slow pounding machines; we still continue our industrialism like troublesome students that never learn their lesson, but enjoy this stubborn mindset in an accepted hypnotic ignorance that feels utterly like the right thing to be in. We humans might be the culprit of all that’s wrong, but hearing us swing out in the future is like a joyous rave that never stops to exists!

All in all making us feel alright about our existence as the future of Norah Lorway is vast and glorious with enough space and beauty for us hippy-esque intoxicators & the vast new world in which nature will flourish with wide opening eyes, wonderful fresh tones of blessings for new life. Listening to the future gives a good reason to not go into panic mode but to feel that everything is going to be alright, humbling us all down with the angelic sound of warm lights. The future might be different than expected, but it’s one that when you see it is one of pretty peacefulness and kind survival. So click this and find hope:

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