Furchick – Shit! We got wasted again

Artist: Furchick
Titke: Shit! we got wasted again
Keywords: experimental, Perth
Label: Dog Park

The highly acclaimed music and sound creator Furchick might have achieved recognition for her work in higher circles, performed on stage for gigantic crowds and has stunned the world with her creations, she never stopped being utterly personal in her output. In fact that is what she does always, keeping the furry sound factory as close to her as a person & letting her happenings of the day or simply life shine out in her audio outputs.

The latest Furchick is no difference, although the music itself is of course brand new and unique again. Here we can hear the creator at work in a heartbreaking composition with a bouncy rhythm and a almost deadly march of sentimentalism coming out to express what feels like a moment of intoxicating sorrow, one that could be aligned to the cry of a mother elephant that had lost its kid through a freak accident.

With startled steps around functioning as the drum & the human words taken from the very moment Furchick sets into a bouncy improvisation. One that bumps like a basketball on top of a radiator, smothering the senses like a rhythmic groove box that spreads the way for the calls of mental pain to slip out of the trunk for a unstoppable amount of self expression, it’s a musical cry that at the same time , by letting it all out, makes room for a new found energy, One that you can’t push over, big and massive like the elephant in the room that has been addressed and now bashed down the walls in order to step outside and face the world in a stronger version of itself.

Once out the elephant channeling Furchick becomes her beautiful Furchick again, bolder, tougher and more wonderful than ever before; exposing her heart and her feelings at the same time to shine like a wandering troubadour who is living in the moment, dealing with the moment and taken advantage of pain to create instead of sitting in a puddle of mystery. Furchick sets her strengths out in the nam of expressive creation and instead of drowning in pity, let her music speak for itself and it says ‘warrior strength from the heart’ that will empower and connect with you like a human being with the strength of having a golden heart inside that had now laid bare & looks stunningly unbreakable in the sun! Nothing can take you down with Furchick’s sounds around, that’s for sure!

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