Son Moon – World Interface

Artist: Son Moon
Title: World Interface
Keywords: experimental, Lancishere

The psychedelic artefacts hidden in Son Moon are easily spotted as warm glowing colourful sources of friendly happiness: yes they are sounds, but they are so viewable! You don’t need to be a detective to see them, not a psychic to be able to touch them. They are there, easily in sight and all you need to do is go for it, fall into the trap that is this wonder of music, throw yourself through this portal and witness a moment of bliss in which birds had been hiding, a tropical world folding itself open like lucky visitors that just found the entrance to Narnia.

Once there, friends and family might get a little worried about you as the exit might seem to be far removed and the urge to find it is simply easily forgotten. Luckily for our loved ones that would stay behind; the allowed session of viewing this pretty sacred world isn’t going on forever even if we wanted too, kicking us slowly back to the planet’s normal life style but not before decorating us all with golden sparkles of sun, one that is providing a full amount of vitamin D so we could all be happy and healthy upon our return. The time spend within it might not be years but the memory of this little gentle trip is staying for eternity!

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