Skronkest 2019: coming soon on 17th of Aug!

on the 17th of this month it’s time for Skronkfest 2019, a festival in which a whole variety of artists, bands, music and sound makers come together for a eclectic day of good fun. With a super pact program planned it’s nuts to check out all the artists that will appear, still to gain a little insight and just get that little edge of excitement going to get us all in the mood, we here at YIKIS will take a little peek into some acts that flourish on the lineup.

In the main Live Room there will be open mic sessions starting from 4 o clock in the afternoon, making space and time for anyone who has something to say, some poetry to read or some spontanious actions to be held.. So you might as well want to come early to Skronkfest‘s venue which is The New River Studios in London. (very vital and important information right here!)

At 5:30 The Ron Caines Trio will start the feast off. In case you aren’t familiar with this trio, I can happily say that I could have joined you in my lack of knowledge. Yet, a little research makes it clear that this is a trio that will bring experimental avant-garde jazz to the premises. If you stroll to bandcamp you can find a very nice tune by Ron Caines, Rick Jensen and David O’Connor, three people who might, or might not (depending on our luck!) be the members of this The Ron Caines Trio. In any case the piece over here was also recorded at a Skronk event and sounds bewilderingly lovely!

Inside in the cafe/bar there will be Ana Berkenhof playing at 5:10, an spectacular sound artist who will deliver a strong opening of the festival by probably delivering a very interesting artistic audio-scape with sounds that you have not yet explored before. A great example of her audio magic can be heard over here, where she uses sounds, stereo effects and her voice to drown us into a intimate world of stories and fantasy.

After her there will be a performance by experimental artist tujuh kuda whose work you might have heard on the Displacement Belonging compilation on the Australian Dog Park records, delivering a guaranteed adventure of audio trip that might become dreamy, strange or psychedelic; probably transforming the bar into a surreal place in which every Skronkfest visitor might lose time and space!

I wish to have the resources to check all the artists and acts out for this little preview, but unfortunatly lack of time and not enough detective power will make this post a little unfulfilled, only informing some of the artists that easily pop in mind. One of them is James L Malone who will be hitting the stage in the live room at 7:30 with probably a very adventurous set of experimentation and noises. Personally I’m looking forward to see and hear James L Malone at work as his Glitch Studies album (you should check it out!) is by far the thing that put electronica, glitchy sounds into a high pedestal. Things beep, and can get a little nasty, or they go sleepy and relaxed; but it’s always exciting!

A little bit earlier (around 6:30) in the bar area, The Slate Pipe Banjo Daggers will perform. This artist has a clear description on it’s website: “i live and work in london. i am a sound artist and audio visual technician. i make and perform music using the name the slate pipe banjo draggers both alone and through collaboration.i make sculptural interactive sound pieces, short films and video work. i make paintings using paint, mixed media and found objects” and checking out some of the music on Bandcamp might easily get you convinced that The Slate Pipe Banjo Daggers is as pleasant as unpredictable. One I highly recommend to hear is

At 10:10 (a luckly number!) there will be a exciting show by PsychicEyeClix whose circuit bended toys will work hard to deliver a wild blend of exciting sounds, possible music and who knows; even a moment to throw your feet in the air in a state of fancy art and true happy despair! A good start to get a bit familiar with this artist’s output can be found over here: (be aware that these glitchy tones might be poison to neighbor relations & a reason to blow up your speakers to the voluminous maximum!

Other bands, acts, artists, musicians will be Lee Boyd Allatson, The Energy Fool, Isn’tses & Golden Pillars of Misery,Ben Moon, wotwotwot, Robin Foster, Matthew Grigg, Rebecca Sneddon, Joe Kelly,Toxic Chicken, Matt Atkins, Coded Dystopia, Helen Adove Hawk, Forced Fun Not Actual Fun, Michael Mendones, Arnold Lane, Maryam Hasemi, Steve Elwell, Portia Winters, Endless, The Bong and Shirley Show, Mr Jones Loud Music Group & of course the not to be missed Apocalypse Jazz Unit + SKRONKESTRA!

In any case Skronkfest 2019 seems to be the festival not to be missed and it is coming down soon! Mark the date 17 august, the place: New River Studios, London and come over for a good time of fun, adventure and positive amount of experimental DIY culture!

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