Free music by Thrust Pomp, Surrogate Stigma, Holorime, Com Surrogate, Hypocranusesent! Christmas comes early!

I suppose that we have to write about the recent music that had been popping out and about, so let’s cough up a delicious blurb about the latest ones on the Sub65 label! We do this not only because we love this netlabel whose releases are all available for free and obviously a labour of pure love, but also because yesterday it was the birthday of the artist operating it all: hip hop hooray for Origami Reoetika!

To our luck, most of these releases seems to be very festive, delivering the music that might make you want to dance and groove. We will start with them and end with some of the more challenging ones, alright? Alright! Let’s start with this banger:

Artist: Thrust Pomp
Title: Berzeker
Keywords: hardcore, Lobit
Label: Sub65

The underground’s favourite baddy ‘Thrust Pomp’ certainly knows how to pump it up! It has always known this, but with this fun loving release we might admit that it had gone to the next level of excited pumping! With the fattest beat available, a nice fuzzy fuzz and a orch hit by a sampled trumpet and some additional mystery, the pumping manifest itself to be a classy, determined, hardcore cracker that will fill up the space with enough reasons to put back your Aussie tracksuit, shave your head bald and go raving like its 1990! Go hard and wild, but do it decently is what the style of this excellent banger of Trust Pomp is all about!

Artist: Surrogate Stigma
Title: Techno Symposium
Keywords: techno, Lobit
Label: Sub65

Surrogate Stigma has the acid running through its blistering techno machine. Things pass by rather quickly because of it; especially time. With enough bounce and kick the bombastic sound just simply seem to stomp it out like a determent computer ready to collapse. They swing in their adorable electric ways while kicking in it’s bold straightforwardness. Try to sit still when this collection is parading by and you will notice that it’s as good as impossible, unless you have managed to superglue your bottom on to a chair. In that case it’s highly recommended to play this Lobit release on repeat in order to give it enough volume to wiggle your way out of the situation.

Artist: Holorime
Titke: Gidazepam, Hydazepam, Hidazepam
Keywords: speedbass, Lobit
Label: Sub65

Get your dancing shoes on and listen to Holorime as with military precision this artist seems to shoot its beat as if it’s unloading a semi automatic weapon that has enough power to not only be loud, but it also sounds snappy and flappy enough to make you feel all happily weirded out. With ease and precision this shooting joyfully transforms into a worldly experiment of breakbeats and kalimba! Together they jump on board of a earthy celebration of rhythm and melody with a eclectic danceable folky twist!

Artist: COM Surrogate
Title: Structural Comprisal #
Keywords: avant garde, Lobit
Label: Sub65

What started of as a sniff of catchy techno flipped its way all the way into unexpected bewilderment. Things go a little upside, like a cozy turtle that suddenly fall on its shield and don’t know how to get back on its little feet again. While in this awkward situation it’s best to enjoy the moment & that’s what this Structural Comprisal seems to be all about. The second part of this release goes for another case of unexpectedness; first serving a comfortable ambiance of a glibbering soup that moles into a wasp flying session that swims around a heartbeat of regular kicks before shimmering out into thin air.. somehow not giving what you expected, leaving the premises like a welcoming goodbye that loves to keep us hanging for more…

Artist: Hypocranusesent
Title: I Said, Emotional Content. (EP)
Keywords: Lobit, avant garde, ambient, experimental, noise
Label: Sub65

To wipe out any sense that might be left, Hypocranusesent drops down some emotional content, material in a noisy form that goes from high heavy beeps to a joyfully played bit on a epic sounding distorted guitar, additional backdrop voices smother us with a feeling that this might be the musical response to unwanted visitors attending some kind of birthday. The artist clearly dies it’s best to drown it all out, making the sounds as loud as possible, while still delivering its emotive content to heavy outer limits. Things get a little rough out there and I suggest the guests to leave the premises of the artist in order not to upset the music more, leaving us all with the rush of ear bleeds and delicate brain damage! Can’t get more emotional than this!

So yes, that’s it for today.. we got it all sorted! Passing out links to free music for the masses, always makes me feel as if Christmas has come early! So merry Christmas and enjoy sub65!

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1 Response to Free music by Thrust Pomp, Surrogate Stigma, Holorime, Com Surrogate, Hypocranusesent! Christmas comes early!

  1. OH this is some nice stuff! I am sure a lot of great music goes under my radar since it’s not on bandcamp, and these are some serious gems ✨

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