Bryce Kepner – Transitions

Artist: Bryce Kepner
Title: Transitions
Keywords: rock bedroom pop dream pop indie indie rock loops minimalism pop singer-songwriter Mesa

Apparently Bruce Jenner isn’t the only one who went for some quality transitions, as also Bryce Kepner seems to have gone for it. This artist had giving it all away for you (and me?) but if you pay attention to some of the lyrics it’s not something that Bryce possible didn’t wanted to keep anyway. I mean who would enjoy keeping ‘pain’ unless you are a true masochist?

In any case Bryce Kepner went for a new start, a reborn moment of moments in which the artist hangs its trust in our guidance, while actually sounding pretty confident on his own account. A reassured attitude that wants to do its songs, production, backing vocals and singing like an artist with a well made up mind. Bryce Kepner doesn’t need our opinions to say what to do, as it’s clearly a case that the artist is already doing it without any of us holding Kepler’s hands for a procedure of unneeded confidence exchange.

Bryce Kepner seems to have gone for a minimalistic approach in production, which seems to work in offering the audio to the public in some state of self trusting that doesn’t seem to be unjustified. The artist has a nice voice and caries it decently through the very empty approach of music making, only providing the essential essences and accentuations & avoiding at all cost the sound of a muddy pool of over doing arrangements. Yep, the new Bryce Kepner really seems to carry itself around with a clear vision and confidence that truly shows off like a peacock that got all the right feathers out and about. Not too many, but just all the right ones!

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1 Response to Bryce Kepner – Transitions

  1. Bryce Kepner says:

    Thank you!!

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