Furchick – Thinking

Artist: Furchick
Title: Thinking
Keywords: experimental, Perth
Label: Dog Park

Wether you are thinking the most conning thoughts, or having multiple thinking sessions about what to get for someone’s birthday; the thinking music by Furchick is an ideal audio gift to apply in all situations. It might even be an ideal birthday gift to give on its very own!

We might have followed this artist step by step, but we did not hear anything like this thinking session before, making even me (as a audio listener) think a lot about all them potentials that are hanging out in all of us. But in the case of Furchick it goes out through total unexpected and pure ways, as if things come out on the moment and the chick grabs it with both horns, ready to ride it like a rodeo rider that won’t let go, calms down the bull, tames it’s surprised looking looks by giving it freedom and purity. Yep, crazy words of comparison and indeed even more stuff to think about.

But what we don’t need to think twice about is that the thinking music over here is absolutely beautiful. Even though Furchick herself claims in a private message that she is incapable of making pretty music ‘thinking’ proofs this own statement wrong, unless perhaps you are of such a kind that doesn’t think that vocals are music…
As apparently that is Furchick’s instrument here on this wonderful thinking session, one that is so beautiful that ‘official’ instruments simply don’t really have a leg to stand on as Furchick proofs that we don’t need them in order to make wonderful music.

And yes, I definitely think it’s music as it truly is… and it is captivating, humble, honest and heart warming. It also makes you think ‘wow’ as it’s like being in the aura of an artist, with Furchick herself being the instrument, composer, musician and producer at the same time! It is food for thoughts, opening the roads of potential for future generations that might have thoughts of music making but did not have the urge to follow the rules of instrumentalism; there is hope as Furchick proofs that beautiful thinking music comes from the heart and soul, two instruments that most living creatures are equipped with, but sadly only few have been brave enough to actually set them to work in order to create real music, such as the warming thinking soundtrack that Furchick does over here! Truly wonderful!

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