Hypo – Hypo “Domino Cascade”

Artist: Hypo
Title: Hypo “Domino Cascade”
Keywords: alternative experimental paris cold wave death disco gothic lounge musique concrete Missouri
label: Powdered Hearts

Let it to the freaks to deliver the right adventurous atmosphere, the contagious rhythm of a happy maniac with an additional sauce of a lucky free spirited playfulness that will make you feel as if the music is like an audio playground in which it’s actual fun to hang your ears in.
This Hypo is the one that has that whole freedom package in its bag pack of knowledge and doesn’t hesitate to unzip the whole damn thing to let it all hang out. You can feel and hear the creative powers of energising energy at work, sometimes going for complexity and at other times just buzzing away with a unforgiving groove; everyone is a winner over here!

Psychedelic mainframes are interwoven in these tracks along with the blessings of shameless out of boxness that gives Hypo the green card to be hyperactive in the do whatever they want department. If things go a little berserk at times it’s all part of the big plan. From organic melodies, beeps and bops, sniffs of organic jazz, sweet animals singing in electronica shapes to upbeat blurbs & smokey bits of stoney baloney materials in which stoners wade through the foggy sound in which even lazy laid back vocals of wonderful people rile the music; it’s so delicious that it would be fairly idiotic to miss out.

Hypno is staring as a hypnotic star of pleasure on this album, but it gives the entire show an extra jus that a whole bunch of this music maker’s friends are making appearances on this album. It helps to spice things up, make everyone feel like the spicy glitter on a druggy disco ball. Dark lights go along with colourful bright ones in this melange of togetherness, carefully aiming to make you wobble strangely along the sweetened rhythms and make the bleak white walls into one that you could step through & enter a psychedelic world of adventure and petite laid back wonders. I can’t believe I heard this album sober, as with an additional boost in the chemical zone, this hypnotic feast would probably turn into something of a next level listening experience. Good fun indeed!

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