keyword: psychedelic

I’ve met some people who lost their eyeball, never both, but always one. This single over here must be something of their interest. Not sure how to place it in their eye socket, but if there is a will to do so, it’s probably doable. It’s also not clear if it will make life a bit more visual, or that the urge to wear a glass eye or a pirate’s thingy in front of the missing eye ball will be redundant, after all this eye ball over here seems to be a single song.

Don’t know if it’s very round, or very suitable as an eye catcher; as I don’t even really have words for it to describe it. It’s a bit weird, with singing and music, but also a bit of talking that seems like some crazy wizard from some kind of occult abnormality has something to say, something unusual as unleashing crawling creatures that are out to paralyze from the sky…

I have no clue what it means, other than that the lyrics might be made by someone who had dipped its finger in a saucepan filled with psychedelic tendencies, while the music itself feels less druggy. It’s like the steady ground for the madness of words to wander over – or at least so it seems; considering my eye sight is not bright and the whole phenomena is a tiny bit mystifying to me.

So yes, maybe if you have only one eye ball, it might be best to just embrace it as I’m not really sure if the crawling creatures might be the ideal replacement, unless you are the kind of person up for experimenting & like some kind of ‘out of your mind’ experiences each and everytime that you open your eyes… I’m sure those people without the eyeballs do exist, so this is probably for them.

But before you plunge this one in, here is a bit of a live / visual sensation that probably brings the whole ‘try before you apply’ the eyeball in your eye socket tryout video:

As you can see, to gain a clear view – it’s best to find another option, but for any hardened druggy that lost an eye in its pursuit for the ideal high; this might be the best deal available…
You can get this single over at the following link:

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