Radio Europa – Community Is Revolution

artist: Radio Europa
title: Community Is Revolution
keywords: experimental
label: Wormhole World

When Whettman Chelmets ,Steven Leigh ,Alec and Simon Tucker teamed up to created ‘Community is Revolution as Radio Europa you could easily say something along the line that ‘all the devils are here’. But these are not a demonic group, but a chronic mix and match of nice people with a passion for the world and audio & music even! Together they bring all their powers together as if they had been those bears that could shoot special powers of love out of their fluffy rainbow tummies, or perhaps like the power rangers all standing on top of each other in order to become one powerful sensation ready to deliver strength, power and pretty epic sensations.

Its impossible to see them coming, to predict their moves; in which pleasure center they will strike, what they would serve you in their magical ways or how they will execute it. They are an unpredictable bunch, easy and flexible as a fish that is shot out of a canon as in the vast ocean of sound; they easily provide us a swim in glorious beauty while feeling just the same to dive us nipple deep into political landscapes in which the heroes say what we all wanted to hear ‘ENOUGH’. Providing humbling sensations closer to monk rituals than the main stream pop, but also having the potent potential to even rule the upper dance floors with rhythms, bass, and a irresistible pretty groove.

Radio Europa slips and slides on all the markets, whether above ground or below the surface; their music on this album will strike to the hearts and ears of anyone with an inspirational attitude that will have something for everyone & surprisingly helps to expand the mind to make even the less explored become a joyfully tolerable event of music. A collaboration that brings minds and people together, all mingled up in a psychedelic soup of feel goodness, great audio flavors and positive attitudes. Radio Europa brings the sound of hope, of togetherness that is so much needed if we ever want to battle out the injustices that the evil overlords ruled by greed and money shall be overhauled. With music like this, we gain strength, beauty, become aware of magically unexpected moves, secret surprise tactics and a bunch of warm earthed tough love.

Sure, “Community is Revolution” is an album of amazing music, but in the long distance it feels much more than that. A bunch of warriors that not have embraced the hippy route, but still want a better world through ambient escapades that aren’t there to completely drown you out in peaceful energies, but are more of the kind that want to recharge you to do something good for the world, fill up the mythological realm of blessings done by spiritualist goodness, psychedelic awareness that makes you not want to sit on your funny bone while these artists are fighting it all out for you; but actively making you want to join in and fight for a better world before it has all gone to shit! No reason to listen to bad music while we take up our fists and sort the planet out for the greater good! And these revolutionary tracks by Radio Europa will certainly provided the rightful soundtrack that we all could stand behind, get our energies from and get on with changing the future for good! No more greed, no more fascists; hello brave new world!

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