Cat Temper – Something Whiskered This Way Comes

artist: Cat Temper
title: Something Whiskered This Way Comes
keywords: electronic dark synth darksynth electro electropunk instrumental meowlectro meowwave synthesizer synthesizers synthpunk synths synthwave Boston

The temptations of Cat Temper’s music had gone out and hunted me down like a televised pussycat that finally successfully caught its overly smart thinking mouse. yep, the music got me, trapping me in the trap and instead of a bit of cheesy cheese it was the actual music itself that had been the thing that got me trapped.

I was happy though, even though tightly squeezed and for a large part unable to run away; but just happily wriggling and wiggling away on the sounds, melodies and energetic beats. Life aint so bad when caught by the temptations of Cat temper’s music. I wiggled my fingers, wobbled my feet, waved my toes individually and my neck was doing fanatic snake moves along those fat baselines.

Cat Temper wasn’t going to eat me, or so i thought; as this cat loves to rock its synthesizer electro pop like a marmite lover loves its marmite! But I think that there are more people (and cats and mice) around that would love the music of Cat Temper. I mean different tastes can occur in everyone, but it’s hard to be dissatisfied or fairly disgusted by these cool tunes; they are no nonsense, go to the point and fall out like melodic melodies that had existed for many years, now channeled through cat-like meows and finally available to the human ears!

With enough to move and even more reasons to not be able to play dead; the music that had entrapped me was at the same time its actual enemy; as with all the dancing in the gigantic mousetrap that the slightly evil Cat Temper had placed out there, it was fair to say that the music was so good that halfway I managed to wiggle myself loose…

…But instead of running away from the trap, I stayed; rocking out, shaking my hips, tossing my wild hairs in the air and rocked out happily while joyfully absorbing these uplifting electro synth goodies! What a great music! I hope Cat Temper will never come to eat me as its prey, not that this cat doesn’t deserve it; but just because I would love to hear more of Cat Temper’s music!

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1 Response to Cat Temper – Something Whiskered This Way Comes

  1. Linda says:

    I am trapped too! And don’t want to be released ;D

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