Pink and Yellow – Rosy Retrospection

Artist: Pink and Yellow
Title: Rosy Retrospection
Keywords: 8-bit experimental boom bap chillwave drone ambient drum and bass dubstep idm noise pop synthpop vaporwave New Orleans

The dance music that nobody gathers for has arrived. There is no need to avoid the rules at the club’s door as the amino is so little that you probably could walk in straight away. The music is fine though, but unpopular or unknown to the massive masses, leaving the popularity scale by a fair shot, clearly being dominated by the horrors of Justin bieber and the likes of them; unloved or unknown in the corners of electronic dancing skills in the after MTV After days.

Still the few fans and crazy fanatics have been looking their eyes out in order to claim a good listen & we from the yikis club are also sitting on the front row with a lose neck ready to bounce our heads. Oh and we bounced our heads like those toy dogs that sit on dashboards of riding cars; what a great moving skills. If it’s in you, you could be such a wobbling head character too; waving your head up and down and perhaps even from left to right and right to left. It’s not uneasy with this music but you should of course have a willing wobbly head in the first place.

So who made this music? Well apparently it’s Pink & Yellow which are indeed household names, quite famous and well known for their colours but indeed completely of the grid in the zones of music popularity. It’s a shame though as when colours this famous make music (even if it’s electronic dance music) it’s worth anyone’s attention. I mean it should have the same entertainment value as looking at those televised talent shows with some scruffy looking character that got boos upon arrival but a standing ovation when suddenly performing like an amazing star! I mean think about it?

Yellow and pink or shall we say ‘Pink and Yellow’ arriving and suddenly not just being pretty colours but surprisingly doing music too! That’s pretty worth an applause or at least some kind of buzz among the mainstream! We shouldn’t treat it as something as a side project, but respect these colours for doing something unexpected and delivering it with great joy for the handful of fans that hopefully gets multiplied very soon!

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