Wizards Tell Lies – Past Life Threat Messages

Artist: Wizards Tell Lies
Title: Past Life Threat Messages
Keywords: experimental avant garde electronic music experimental music experimental noise electronic muteant sounds netlabel synth uk wizards tells lies Florida
Label: Muteant Sounds (net label)

We have been extremely slow these days at listening and writing about things. We have a good reason of course; we had been invaded by worms. Not just the usual brain worms but more the destructive kind that nestle in the woodworks of our very own bones & wiggle themselves around while acting as if it’s their home. Wizards might tell lies but we at YIKIS do not! So yes, we listened and heard things but found our bodies unworkable; unable to tell you all about how an album sounds or specifically how the past threat messages. Not that it was of our business, but as it is the title of an album, it certainly is.

The only thing that got us back on track was actually playing this album from a pair of good speakers. As somehow (believe it or not!) the worms digged the sound so much that they left our poor bones, crawled out of our ears and into the speakers. They did not munch them but they just clinched themselves onto them. You should have seen the sight! Pretty amazing!

Now speaking freely and without any obstruction of bone failure; I could easily understand them. I mean it’s not weird that worms like these are attracted to the music by these lying wizards. In fact their dark psychedelic sounds are clearly appealing to them, probably making them feel godlike or at least ultra strong. I mean they have to be as otherwise how on earth could they hang onto these speakers without even having hands or claws? It must be a case of pure strength! Or at least a high desire to hear the knocky knock with all their might and glory. I mean; I’m not a worm but this album certainly makes me feel that way. If not; how could it be explained that I’m writing to you right now while my bones are full of holes? Exactly! Pure strength!

It’s not weird, as music like this feels highly appropriate for those worms, as they clearly will feel happy in dark surroundings & seem to enjoy those psychedelic doomsday-ish industrial tones and bangs as if it’s worm-food. In this case they are not good for fishes or birds but they are actually diners that clearly have an appetite for Wizards Tells Lies and this specific album. Who could blame them? I certainly can’t and neither can my colleagues at the yikis headquarters. I think we all agree that we prefer these worms onto our speakers, hungry for the music by these lying wizards than biting away into our bones.if you have a worm infestation going on, feel free to give this album a go:

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