Mebitek – A Dark Modular Tale EP

artist: Mebitek
title: A Dark Modular Tale EP
keywords: ambient cinematic electro experimental dark ambient eurorack makenoise modular synthesizer Italy

Mebitek. A name to remember. A name to tattoo on your forehead if you had been in need to tattoo something on it. It’s not just a name, as it’s also attached to great production skills; music making even! If you heard what Mebitek made over here, you would probably agree that Mebitek has some great skills in that department; making very trip-worthy music to step into and feel all nicely warmed up by some kind of glossy coziness. It must be the combo of virtual sounds and organic ones, and if it isn’t; than I will be clueless. If you are a sucker for being high as a kite and electronics you probably suck this one up like a vacuum cleaner with an freshly placed empty bag inside.

The electronic sounds are for sure marking the ways for a very psychedelic worthy world in which classical elements are easily melting on your tongue along with the gracious weirdness that these synthesizer materials have to offer. Personally, this makes me very happy, as it’s a rarity to find music that makes you believe that you are on some kind of designer drugs that will immediately transport you to a place that is full of love and warmth.

Not that it is a nice place that Mebitek is sketching over here, as in fact it might be a bit dark and gloomy most of the times; but please look beyond that and find some kind of hail by ‘living’ how good it actually is! I mean, it makes you forget that you are sober; that’s how good it is! It plunges you directly into another realm and has no problem at all to keep you there for some kind of personal entertainment. It made me feel as if I was f*cked up, yet I can assure you that I’m not.. but damn, this music, even though completely skipping the usual ritualistic happenings of pure hypnotic repetitions; is so trippy that you might wonder what Mebitek had ingested before ‘channeling’ these sounds of music?

Whatever it is… I can assure you that you want to have a piece of it! I mean, Mebitek seems to have the key to another dimension and you would be a complete fool by not taking this trip that unfolds through your ears, enters your mind and still doesn’t harm your health in any way! I felt more sad when it all stopped than when this so called ‘dark ambient’ played out to do its thing, as even though this might be camouflaged as ‘music’ it certainly doesn’t come across that way; it’s like some kind of pretty enjoyable drugs that you want to have more and more from! Dangerously good, yet totally safe for consumption!

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