strom | morts – Magnetic Cluster Flood

artist: strom|morts
title: Magnetic Cluster Flood
keywords: experimental ambient drone dark ambient drone experimental electronic noise ambient Conthey

A storm. Or perhaps a little breeze. It isn’t very warm so better wear a scarf when listening to the beginnings of this work over here. It’s something cooked up by strom|morts and if we believe its official page it is called Magnetic Cluster Flood. How nice is that?! Probably nice, but I’m half way listening and still holding on to my seat as that storm simply doesn’t want to blow itself away, leaving me slightly worried about tomorrow; will we all be snotty while experiencing an acute cold, or shall we be alright?

Maybe we will be okay as the stormy sound will make place for something more noisy. It isn’t the unkind sound of it all, but more the gentler kind; sweetly dropping some kind of ambient noise sensation towards the ears that kindly buzzes away the fears that we will look foolish with umbrellas that will blow all inside out! But, no, not at all! Umbrellas can be put away and folded up as here everything seems to be refraining from going for the huge wind miracle; slowly providing more the sound of a deadly sounding toxin that gruesomely shimmers around like a grumpy maniac that pretends to control the crushing waves at a deadly beach. A whole mouth-full, but not as much as when you shove it full with real life vegan sausages!

Things keep dark and perhaps turn even a notch darker, but wind and storm fans might seek their hail elsewhere as no noisy bunch of hell raising tournament of any of these two weather possibilities are provided; just more a shimmering kind of potential grumpiness hanging out in the skyline. If you live your day in the sun and you are quite sick of it; this release might bring you your relief:

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