Ohsaurus – Waste ORG

Artist: Ohsaurus
Title: Waste ORG
Keywords: bass beats chillwave electronic synthwave chillhop cyberpunk downtempo future techno trip hop Long Beach

It’s not wasteful to go down the wonderful trash and find something like waste ORG by Ohsaurus. Why not? Well first of all let’s stop asking silly questions and try trusting your humble reporter a little bit more. I mean we have been digging in the trash plenty of times to find something for your liking and did we ever disappointed you? Probably… but with a name like the one that we have, we are always playing it safe!

Not implying at all that this album by Ohsaurus sucks, in factual matter it far from sucks. How disappointing as you know us; we love it when it sucks. But no, nothing does the sucking here as It’s more the melodic dance sensation that feels light and pretty; not giving us headaches or those floaty sensations that all those ambient works are all lining up for, but more a middle of the road pleasantness of electronica; what’s there not to love? Probably something if you are really picky and a bit of an unappreciative twat; but for the rest of us I think there is nothing to complain.

Fat synth sounds, bass, kicks, electro beats, the righteous sounds to form pleasant melodies to nod your head along with: good bold compositions that you would love to hold in your hands and show proudly to your neighbourhood. What can go wrong other than a stampede consisting of an angry neighbourhood watch! But there is nothing to be angry about as this album is severely nice on the ears, making it a pleasant experience with a fine pulse to get your things done, whatever these things might be!

It’s all friendly and quirkily filled with fulfilling fineness that has a good vibe and a melodic energy to it, so much so that it can’t really go wrong. Unless you are one of those haters of music of course, but it’s hard to please the haters although there might be tools for sale to make even these things happen. Clearly Haters need to have more orgasms as that is the way to please them with delicious satisfaction. Imagine them while listening to this album and than saying in full ecstasy; oh oh oh oh saurus! Wouldn’t that be hilarious and lovely at the same time? Especially because the music at times could be used for romantic to get a lovely jiggly time with! I mean who would love to stay in bed while cuddling up when the tune named ‘Blursday’ does it magical thing? It’s so nice and relaxed with the the most lovely melody to get even the least romantic person in the world slightly in a candle light mood.

And sure waste ORG does sound like a funny title, but it isn’t Sea Org, so as bad as that that specific Org it certainly cannot be. There simply seems to be no reason to avoid this lovely release of electronic music, kind quirkiness and melodies that might make the haters have orgasms that they might not had before, but for lovers of electronic music and lovers in general it’s even much better! Who can resist those lush tones? These sounds of well chosen lovability’s are simply super pleasant. Ohsaurus is the kind of music maker that could probably even turn the nastiest fart into a delicious sounding instrument. All
The right sounds are simply moulted to deliver the most loveliest organic melodic sensations with a slow paced rhythmic flavour that would be favourable to hear in many situations. In bed, in the car, in the house, in the house ; but mostly in your ears & hopefully it reaches down all the way in your heart… such great music should not be made fun off but enjoyed by the entire world, even scientologists! Oh oh Ohsaurus you have made an incredible hypnotic album full of love and I highly recommend anyone stumbling upon this post to tune in and listen. Don’t waste your life, listen to this immediately:

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1 Response to Ohsaurus – Waste ORG

  1. Linda says:

    No time was wasted! And my smile was as big as when I discovered 14 tin cans with deposit in the bin during holidays. I proudly swayed the plastic bag with sticky 14-Danish-krones-to-be on my way to the supermarket. These chill sounds are the perfect backdrop for the videoclip I was starring in. And I can recommend the Danish cider. It comes in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic and is sweeeeeeet ❤

    (you can buy 9 bottles of alcohol free cider for the cost of one with alcohol)

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