Nacional Erudita – Iniciação

Artist: Nacional Erudita
Title: Iniciação
Keywords: brasil dance experimental jazz pop são paulo ambient avant-garde musique concrete noise synthpop tape tape noise Louisville
Label: Infinite Sync Studios

While we pretended to sleep the night nurse force fed us the late night PR tweet pointing towards a brand new release by Nacional Erudita, one that came with a title that might become a difficult project to type out loud in a post like this. Let’s hope the copy and paste function will work as otherwise the sweat of angst might be already heavy rotating under our communal amount of dry armpits.

While the nurse pumped the tweet through our cocktail of Valium and hard liquor, the actual music also sank into the pleasurable receiving centre of our brains. It did good things over there, poking and steering itself around like a bringer of peacefulness that would easy throw out the latest worries to replace it with something abstract that felt utterly nice as it dug itself in our sleepy heads.

The fear and anxiety about this late night dose of PR propaganda immediately went out of the system and replaced itself with a fine coziness in which nothing was fearful and the spirit of ‘music or noise’ immediately caught up to throw a blurry feast among them two. As the two provided pieces of sound productions by Nacional Erudita might finger dip itself to rise up the age old conversation about what’s music and what’s not’, placing it straight back in our repertoire again.

Our humble opinions, tranquillised by the dose of heavy medication from our beloved midnight nurse and the noise music by Nacional Erudita told us that these two elements excellently intertwined with each other. In fact we got so drugged up, that listening to these abstract works got easily send towards our collective brain for a receptive feast. There it was celebrated as if it was a magnificent opus directed and created by a genius composer with a severe eye on progression, detail and the touch of an expertly done excellent hypnosis. In fact these two compositions of fine noise, repetitive sounds and a bed of pleasant hiss became a lovely work for our late night heads to trip upon.

Things poked into our wealthy imaginations, from visions of old mechanics, retro animatronics moving around while being held together by a significant amount of tape, of fancy empty cassetttes rolling around in dusty abandoned tape recorders, imageries of the waves of sweet air blowing kindly through the trees on a day that it was not so windy at all. Images of old fashioned trips in choochoo trains that slide smoothly over romantic railway systems, of window wipers going up and down on the glass of a parked car in a lonely parking lot…

We did not think that the nurse was skilled in Hypnotic mind washing, but giving us these two tracks was making our heads tumble away in surreal pleasantness. When the session was over, the night nurse would say something in a foreign language, probably Italian, leaving us all stunned, happily confused and ready to go to sleep with the prospect of sweet dreams and comfort. Hooray for midnight PR and good sounds that proof that noises could be just as effective as their melodic counterparts! Night nurse…please feed us more!
<KN and imaginary friends>

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