The Ambiguity – The Definition of Home

Artist: The Ambiguity
Title: The Definition of Home
Keywords: ambient ambient electronic dark ambient drone Cornwall

Home is where the heart is, or that’s what some wise people might say and some others followed to believe that even the homeless are in fact not homeless. It eases that feeling of guild when you keep your change in your pocket and don’t want to share your empty spare room with the homeless people in your area.

But let’s not talk about that and focus a bit on this album over here; it’s one of drone music, you know the kind of floaty stuff that probably is more popular than the usual ambient genre right now. Now it’s just as bad as putting all the homeless on one pile as it is to put all drones on one, so let’s look at this one from an individual perspective:

Oh yes, it is nice. Pretty flotations in some kind of surreal floaty world in which we could sit down and relax, perhaps even close our eyes for a little unpretentious nap while the ears are feeding the brain the food for some kind and gentle dreams. All is woollen, gentle and sometimes a little distorted around the edges to make it a bit more prominent and potentially raw, but… is it pleasant? Yes! Will it bring you some kind of disturbances along the way? Who knows? It depends probably on the place that you are listening it at, although I couldn’t think of a possible listening situation in which these floaters could become an irritation or an out of touch nerve wrecker… as these drones should be the bringers of good comfort no matter where you are or whatever it is that your situation is in. Maybe you live in a helicopter; who knows? There is a world of possibilities out there!

If you listen to this from the comfort of some bubble bath in a luxurious villa in the sun or that you hear this material while shivering in a wet carton box in a rainy back alley behind the local Chinese takeaway; the results of floaty comfort will probably be suited for both situations quite perfectly. You just listen and close your eyes & live within these tracks as they do bring the comfort of a home that is nice and cozy; not too big, not too small; just about pleasantly right!

The whole homely feeling is just up in the air, lovingly without walls to keep you contained and with no actual sight of a roof; yet these drones, when heard with the eyes closed they bring peace and safety, if it rains in your head it provides you the illusion to be dry and warm inside… if your champagne glass has been empty for a while, within these drones it feels as if the glass is nicely rich and full, even providing the caviar (if that’s your thing!) … in other words, The Definition of Home by The Ambiguity delivers a home for the homeless and a extra home within a home for all the others. A fine place in which no worries exists, hands slide over the strings of a guitar for extra coziness & all is equal and homely… you all should move into the definition of home if you love yourself, as it is a pleasant piece of floaters that you’d probably love:

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