Daniel Ruiz – Saturn’s Rings Got Replaced By An Ad

Artist: Daniel Ruiz
title: Saturn’s Rings Got Replaced By An Ad
keywords: rock alternative rock barcelona diy low singer-songwriter underground Barcelona

Hello! Glad you are here for another episode of music reporting in a failure way! I feel for this special occasion its best to write a lot yet minimising the urge to actually talk about what my blessed ears had heard when hearing Saturn’s Rings Got Replaced By An Ad. It helps you as a reader to go and make the effort to check it out for yourself so we can just flubber around in nonsense on this pleasantly fine Sunday. Are you ready for it?

There are lots of Daniels out there. A Daniel here and a Daniel there. It’s as if Daniel is the new ‘John’ that’s how many Daniels seems to be around. There are so many Daniels that its easy to overlook them or take them for granted. It saddens me that recently Daniel Johnston had left the earth, but luckily with so many Daniels around there will be hopefully a Daniel covering Daniel Johnston songs in the near future; honoring the name of Daniel like it’s nobody’s business except the business of Daniels! By the way, there are by the way lots of Chrisses too, but maybe that can be a different start for a write up / review for someone whose name is Chris.

But let’s forget all the Daniels around me and focus on Daniel Ruiz, an artist of the singer songwriter kind. If we believe Bandcamp, this Daniel is from Barcelona, Spain. It’s good to know as listening to his voice you wouldn’t really have too many hints from this Daniel’s origins. He sings with an exotic flavor, something that has been slightly seasoned by the sun, on a bed of music that feels as if it also had a similar treatment of sunshine; yet, if you’d tell me that this Daniel had been an American, I would probably believe it without a doubt. Not that he sounds America, but the kind of music has a fine sniff of that thing called ‘Americana’ to it. Can’t really put my finger on it, but maybe if Bob Dylan would live in Barcelona, he would probably sound just the same as he would sound now…

I can’t really focus on the lyrics of these songs, even though this Daniel doesn’t seem to have any strange dialects, or muffled words coming out of his mouth; neither does the lyrics seems to be overruled by the music, or that it’s a case of them being severely tucked away; but hey, I’ve been listening to the sounds of the music just a bit more than the meanings of these songs. I’m sure they are good though, I mean why else would you sing and write a song if you had crap to say? This Daniel probably takes its songs straight out of his real life as he does sound like you could trust whatever he is singing about. Would I sleep with Daniel Ruiz singing in the back of my head? Yes, probably!

Listening to just the backdrop of his musical skills in which he sings his songs upon is pretty mind boggling. In fact it might be so good that it is very easy to take it for granted. When hearing the album I tricked myself by thinking that Daniel Ruiz had gathered some pre-existing tapes of well-produced music of various kind and just lended his voice and words to sing on top of it… But no, please don’t fall into that trap as musically Daniel Ruiz made this all himself too, minus some drumming somewhere?) and that’s pretty stunning and should deserve some well owned respect, or at least not someone who overlooks the melodies and sounds by focusing too much on what Daniel is letting out of his mind through his mouth; it’s pretty phenomenal!

He has that confidence over him, one that is able to sing with a chronic voice that comes at times across as if this Daniel has seen everything possible in this life and perhaps a little bit more. But musically I felt that Daniel had even more to give. So much so, that I would love to have seen an ad for it, one that had to be made in order to promote the music skills and simply the entire sing & songwriting career of this fine artist. It’s better than seeing an ad about a new pair of shoes or some political party desperate in need for your engagement. Besides if you do support Daniel Ruiz by listening & enjoying these songs; you can be assured that this artist’s work will have a longer life span than any pair of shoes & will do much more good to you than any political party. Besides Daniel seems like a nice person and artist, he even got a wonderful cover to place this album’s music under; a better advert you probably would not be able to imagine as it features a nicely hidden cat!

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