okom(ek) – “tahiti”

Artist: okom(ek)
Title: “tahiti
Keywords: experimental alt-folk ambient drone experimental gospel minimal new wave Udine

I don’t know if you know the children song in which they sing ‘please come in to my small ring, my small ring, my small ring…’ but if you do, you’d probably think about this song when you hear Bruno’s first track on this release that he had so lovingly coined as an almost blank album. Him coining it up like that is probably a case of apologising that it isn’t packed with unnecessary things, cause I personally don’t think it is a blank album. I mean if this blank album was a bullet, I would certainly not want to play Russian roulette with it as there is definitely things in it that ultimately can go through your body. Things might be a bit of a odd word, but there is a lot of Bruno in it.

Now you might think… Bruno? What is a Bruno? That’s a good question as apparently okom(ek) is the new name of this artist that we have always known as Bruno. So apologies to Bruno if we have screwed up over here by revealing okom(ek)’S secret identity. Let’s hope that there are no super villains or plain baddies out there that have their whole life dedicated to unmask this artist, if so; also fair apologies to them!

So what does Bruno do next to filling these mumbling songs with vocals? He plays the balalaika! And has done smooth soft noises from playing around with some dusty tapes for good measure. It’s the voice that is the most dominating, almost solidly making sure that there is no emptiness to create an almost blank album. But the tones of the balalaika gives me the most pleasure to hear when filling up the space. You simply must be a severe bitter nutcase if you don’t appreciate the sound of a balalaika! Just the name of this fine instrument is already enough reason to give two thumbs up to the “tahiti” and after that I use these two thumbs to type in the following link:

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