Ed Nolbed – Twitlam

Artist: Ed Nolbed
Title: Twitlam
Keywords: experimental alternative rock art rock indie pop köhn lo-fi twitlam Missouri
label: Powdered Hearts
Reviewer: the terrible foreign poet with horrible grammar skills

It’s the time of the year
move into second gear
Let the ears be ready to hear
The new tapes that have us all so dear.

Don’t be sad, it ain’t so bad
Today we dip in the tape of Ed
One that rocks the socks
Even in sockless crocks

Our poetry might by shitty
But the music is pretty
Like an alternative kitty
That would feel no pitty

Think fuzzy and fizzy
Furry and dizzy
Not taking the pissy
It deserves a kissy

Raw sounds like an unshaven beard,
Moving along while well equipped and geared.
Music that mum and dad feared,
But we at yikis never smeared.

Instant mood and drama sniffs,
Puffs on strong spliffs,
Feelings of riffs,
No longer any myths.

Energies floating along,
Sadness in the song
Madness inside the bong
A place where we belong.

Alternative rock,
Makes you what the fock?
Howling like a dog
Jumping like a frog.

Wonderful voices
Sincere choices

A guitar and shaker
It isn’t ma baker’s
Care taker
Or a vile faker.

Truths behold
Songs be told
Not put on hold
No hair, but bold.

A nice thing to hear
With epic tunes, I swear
Ones that go in the rear
And you will have dear.

Forever and beyond
Drink the beer blond
My name not James Bond
Music oh so fond!

I heard it for a long time
Couldn’t get it on prime
Made me feel special and fine
More worth than a dime

I heard it on repeat
My name isn’t even Pete
Enjoying the beat
The album; such a feat!

Recognisable tunes
More exciting than the dunes
More smoking than fumes
More chewy than prunes.

An excellent album
Tastier than cum
Brighter than the sun
Hotter than your mum

It’s way better than my poetic skills
Crazier when listening on pills
Loaded with lovely thrills
More epic than climbing on hills

Ed has done a great job
I can’t make this music stop
So I hop, Pop and flop
Post this towards the top!

Here is without a stink,
a very precious link:

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